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Twitter: Cebu Pacific Airline Invites Everyone to Witness Sandara Park and Her Brother Thunder on Their OneNightFoodTrip in Palawan!



and arrived in town to eat, play, and compete! Follow us to witness their mission-packed feast in Palawan, Philippines! Tune in on Dec 5, 11PM on !




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Twitter: Sweet Sandara Park-Noona Promotes Thunder and Jea’s Awesome Cover of Raymond Lauchengo’s “Farewell”

Sweet Sandara-noona~!


And here’s the video! THUNDER SLAYEDDDDD! Of course, I adore Jea’s vocals and she did well as expected! Thunder though, improved a lot! He did so well with his singing, and his pronunciation was great as well!

[Live] Raymond Lauchengo “Farewell” covered by JeaXCheondung



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Instagram+Weibo: Adoring Dara-Noona Shares a Pic with Handsome Dongsaengie Cheondung

Yaaayyyy Park siblings! Seriously, I squealed like a hyper fangirl when I saw Cheondungie.. ❤11380904_920812641324588_664714284_n

Good morning!!! 😺 Good morning!!! #MyDongsaeng #Cheondung #ParkSiblings



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News: MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung Says 2NE1’s Sandara Park Eats 5 Meals A Day

MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung Says 2NE1’s Sandara Park Eats 5 Meals A Day


MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung revealed his sister’s concerns regarding her weight.

March 26’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s Vitamin will feature prevalent diseases among women in their forties and fifties, including frozen shoulders.

While talking about obesity as the possible cause of of frozen shoulders, Cheon Dung began sharing about how his entire family doesn’t gain fat easily.

He said, “My family is worried about not gaining weight instead of obesity. My sister, Sandara Park, even eats five meals a day, but doesn’t gain weight.

Then comedian Kim Sook made everyone laugh by saying, “The cause of married women’s frozen shoulders is overdosing on alcohol. You need to watch out for your shoulders when you raise the glass to cheer when you drink.

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Photo: Moon Night’s Facebook Shares an Adorable Picture of Park Siblings Backstage

Awwww, I think this is the first Park Siblings picture for this year? ❤ So so so cute together! Perfect genes! ^_^ Supportive Dara-noona with her equally supportive dongsaeng, Cheondoongie! ❤



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Twitter/Photo: Dara Uploads Another Gorgeous Photo With Thunder – “Drink milk, our Doongie!”

Waaaah! Another gorgeous Park Siblings’ photo! ❤ My Dara and Thunder feels are all over the place. They are just too precious! T_T Superior genes FTW! Beautiful!!! <333

Ain’t it cute that Thunder was drinking milk at the party? Kekeke! So innocent! ^^ Oh, and Dara~ What a huge glass of beer you have there. Badass Dara ftw! Keke! ^_^

BQ6Nra9CEAEJECN Untitled

DARA: At the DYLM party I handed Chundoong-ie a nice yummy beer & he quietly asked me if there was any juice because he isn’t going to drink ㅎㅎ Okay~ Drink milk, our Doong-ie ^_^ Milk fits you well~~~


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Twitter: Beautiful, Glowing Dara Shares a Picture with Handsome Thunder at DYLM Party ~ “DaraDoong Siblings!”

Pretty Dara and Thunder! And as much as I loved Thunder’s pink hair, I think that black suits him extremely well! More than well, he looks handsome and awesome! ❤ Dara’s golden locks look so good in that hairstyle. ❤ Black and gold siblings! ❤ Lovely, lovely! But, er, tell me, who’s the younger one between you two? You could pass off as twins and no one would be the wiser! ❤

BQ3u6hsCMAAqGjo.jpg large


Cheondoongie who was able to have fun with us at the #DYLM party~ ^_^ Stayed up late because of practicing for the tour, and then heading to the party even with a tired body. We are warm, close siblings DaraDoong ♥ #Doyouloveme D-2


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Twitter: Dara to Thunder – “This noona will give a rice wreath with my heart~”

Awwww. Dara is feeling bad because she forgot to send rice wreaths for Thunder’s drama. T_T Dara-yah, you’ve done so much already to support Thunder, I’m sure he appreciates everything you’ve done! Cheer up! ^_^

Park Siblings are just so precious. ❤

Untitled Untitled1

This bad Noona will give a rice wreath with my heart ㅠㅠ What in the world.. The drama announcement was so long ago…I was so busy that I forgot to send a rice wreath…..

Remorseful big sister ㅋㅋㅋ

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Photos: Party Chef Uploads Photos of Dara’s Food Support Project for Thunder and Nail Shop Paris Staff

So, we all know that Dara and YG Staff prepared a Food Support Project not just for Thunder but Nail Shop Paris Staff as well right? Party Chef, the company which prepared all the food, uploaded photos of the food that Dara ordered! Looks so yummy! This totally reminds me of food support projects done by fans for their idols. ^_^ Goes to show the effort that Dara puts into everything she does. This is just love!


The sticker says:

“Nail Shop Paris” You guys are the best

May 3 First broadcast will be daebakk

Everybody did very, very well ^_^


This set of stickers say:

For the best body condition! 100% effect
By simply drinking this your body would release strength, release!


(feat. Cheondung’s oldest noona)



Click the link below for more photos!


Twitter: Nail Shop Paris Official Twitter Account Uploads a Picture of Cute Thunder with his Dara Noona’s Food Support!

Wow, Nail Shop Paris’s official twitter account tweeted this picture of cute, handsome Thunder with his noona’s food support project! ❤ And she didn’t just prepare food for Thunder and the cast, but for the staff as well! ❤ And she got it from party Chef too! Woohoo! ❤ I am sure that the staff got warmed up by her thoughtful gift. ^^ And oh, for those of you who don’t know, Thunder plays the character, “Jin,” in the drama, the aegyo maknae of the group. ^^



On the last day of shooting, a gift arrived that we are very happy to receive! Right away, Jin… No, we mean, Cheondung-goon, got the lunch box package from his older sister, Sandara-ssi-! Everyone ate the delicious food well ^^


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