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Photos: Party Chef Uploads Photos of Dara’s Food Support Project for Thunder and Nail Shop Paris Staff

So, we all know that Dara and YG Staff prepared a Food Support Project not just for Thunder but Nail Shop Paris Staff as well right? Party Chef, the company which prepared all the food, uploaded photos of the food that Dara ordered! Looks so yummy! This totally reminds me of food support projects done by fans for their idols. ^_^ Goes to show the effort that Dara puts into everything she does. This is just love!


The sticker says:

“Nail Shop Paris” You guys are the best

May 3 First broadcast will be daebakk

Everybody did very, very well ^_^


This set of stickers say:

For the best body condition! 100% effect
By simply drinking this your body would release strength, release!


(feat. Cheondung’s oldest noona)



Click the link below for more photos!