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Photos: Gorgeous Park Siblings Pose with the Owner of the Cat Cafe in “Secretly, Greatly” Episode ~ A Long-Time Fan!

Park siblings with the legit owner of the cat cafe! ❤ She said she’s been a long-time fan of 2NE1 and Sandara Park! So she got a bit sad that she had to act to deceive her and Dara was cold in her reaction (as expected kekeke!).. ^^ But she was happy they got pictures after with the good-looking siblings! ❤




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Video: Preview of “Secretly Greatly” Episode 5 Featuring Cat-Lovers Park Siblings ~ To be Broadcasted on January 1, 2017~!

I am so excited for this! Park siblings on a variety! Finally! I wonder how Dara-noona will handle this incident? ^^

[Preview 따끈 예고] 20170101 Secretly Greatly – EP.5

Trans of the captions: 

Cat lovers, Sandara & Thunder

Our youngest got into an accident(?)

It turns out to be a big accident!

“Defending my youngest brother, Cheondung!”


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Instagram: Proud Eldest Noona Sandara Park Shows Off the Two “Doongs” in her Life

Dara is ever the supportive noona.. And awww I miss seeing Thunder.. TT


My two beloved boys 😍😻 2 Doongs~ #Cheondoong #Dadoong#2doongs 😽

멋있네 ??????



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Twitter: Sweet Sandara Park-Noona Promotes Thunder and Jea’s Awesome Cover of Raymond Lauchengo’s “Farewell”

Sweet Sandara-noona~!


And here’s the video! THUNDER SLAYEDDDDD! Of course, I adore Jea’s vocals and she did well as expected! Thunder though, improved a lot! He did so well with his singing, and his pronunciation was great as well!

[Live] Raymond Lauchengo “Farewell” covered by JeaXCheondung



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Instagram+Weibo: Adoring Dara-Noona Shares a Pic with Handsome Dongsaengie Cheondung

Yaaayyyy Park siblings! Seriously, I squealed like a hyper fangirl when I saw Cheondungie.. ❤11380904_920812641324588_664714284_n

Good morning!!! 😺 Good morning!!! #MyDongsaeng #Cheondung #ParkSiblings



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Twitter+Instagram: W Korea Shares Pictures of Gorgeous Park Siblings for their May 2015 Issue

FireShot Capture - W Korea on Twitter_ _우월한 _ - https___twitter.com_wkorea_status_590331042692599808 FireShot Capture - W Magazine Korea on Instagram_ “우월한 남매, 산다_ - https___instagram.com_p_1uEMcDseqF_


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News/Video: Park Sanghyun Talking About Actress Sandara on His “Section TV” Interview ~ “My older sister just started acting…”


When the host talked about Park siblings being actor and actress. His Sandara noona’s acting debut in “Dr. Ian.”

Park Sanghyun: “My older sister just started acting but I think we worry for the same thing. We started together as rookies so we talk to each other about our worries in acting.”

*Omitted parts not related

Below is the link of Sanghyun’s interview. It’s around the 3:05 mark.


Source: Naver + MBCentertainment

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Photos: LQ/MQ Magazine Scans of Captivating, Mysterious, Gorgeous Dark Park Siblings in W Korea~ “True Blood”

Hot dangggggg! This year has been a wonderful start for our goddess Dara! I love actress Dara’s beautiful work in “Dr. Ian” and I am also loving, loving, loving model Dara’s stunning perfection in the different magazine features! ❤ MORE MORE MORE different faces of Dara! ❤

Our stunning, captivating dark goddess-angel Dara! Beautiful perfection, and aren’t her proportions just mind-blowing?! Seriously, look at her!


And of course, our dark prince! Hot dang, doesn’t my Park Sanghyun look totally smoldering and gorgeous and perfect and I kinda-wanna-like-really-wanna be the glove he’s biting! T_T


Gorgeous Sandara Park is gorgeous! I love her dark make-up, it shows another fiercer, edgier side of her! I actually also love the contrast between the dark make-up with leather jacket and the soft, butterfly-print dress! Vulnerable and sweet, yet dark and edgy as well!


Vampire Princess Dara wearing a tiara! ❤ And yes, heck to the yaaasssss, to the fishnet stockings! ❤


My love for this picture knows no words.. STUNNING! INSPIRED! MODEL-LIKE DARA! ❤



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Check out the cut for Park Sanghyun’s pictures! ❤


Photos: 150324 HQ Fantaken Pics of Attractive/Breath-Taking Park Siblings at KYE Fashion Show

Pretty, pretty Dara-unnie! ❤

CA6t0WbWYAAjZ54.jpg large

The blogger went wow when s/he saw Dara and mentioned that there were so many cameras crowding her.. And oh, that Chendung was with her and they have superior genes.. ❤




Daaannnnngggggg.. Look at them all.. O_O



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Photos: 150324 More HQ/HD Press Pictures of Attractive, Fashionable Park Siblings at KYE Fashion Show ~ “Awesome Genes!”

The press totally went all crazy with Park Siblings last night, kekeke! ❤ More pictures! Make sure to take a closer look at the ones from TopStar News, their pictures are soooo HD!







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