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Fan-Taken: 170923 Dara and Thunder Arriving in Manila for tvN Asia’s One Night Food Trip Filming


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Instagram: Dara (krungy21) Share Beautiful and Adorable Photos with Thunder During Sign’s MV Filming

Park Siblings Fighting! Dara looks absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait for the music video!

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Instagram: Thunder Gives a Heart Out to his Eldest Noona for her Support ~ Cute Picture in Front of Food Truck

Such good-looking siblings! ❤ Dara and Thunder both look good! And look at eldest/big noona supporting their youngest! ^^ The food truck company uploaded a pic of the truck that Dara sent at Thunder’s MV shooting a few weeks ago, around the middle of November. ^^




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Instagram+Weibo: Adoring Dara-Noona Shares a Pic with Handsome Dongsaengie Cheondung

Yaaayyyy Park siblings! Seriously, I squealed like a hyper fangirl when I saw Cheondungie.. ❤11380904_920812641324588_664714284_n

Good morning!!! 😺 Good morning!!! #MyDongsaeng #Cheondung #ParkSiblings



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Instagram+Weibo: Chic and Captivating Dara Share Pictures of Park Siblings for W Korea May Issue


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News/Video: Park Sanghyun Talking About Actress Sandara on His “Section TV” Interview ~ “My older sister just started acting…”


When the host talked about Park siblings being actor and actress. His Sandara noona’s acting debut in “Dr. Ian.”

Park Sanghyun: “My older sister just started acting but I think we worry for the same thing. We started together as rookies so we talk to each other about our worries in acting.”

*Omitted parts not related

Below is the link of Sanghyun’s interview. It’s around the 3:05 mark.


Source: Naver + MBCentertainment

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Instagram: Proud Dara-Noona Shares a Picture with Thunder Attending KYE Fashion Show ~ “Dara, Thunder, KYE”

Park siblings, yaaaassss! ❤


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Photos: 150324 More HQ/HD Press Pictures of Attractive, Fashionable Park Siblings at KYE Fashion Show ~ “Awesome Genes!”

The press totally went all crazy with Park Siblings last night, kekeke! ❤ More pictures! Make sure to take a closer look at the ones from TopStar News, their pictures are soooo HD!







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Article: Soompi – “Talented Families: Famous K-Star Siblings”

Talented Families: Famous K-Star Siblings


Some of the most popular siblings in K-Pop, this gorgeous brother and sister both have highly successful careers in the entertainment industry. Thunder from MBLAQ and Sandara Park from 2NE1 may be from rival companies, but the two are anything but rivals in real life. The pair is famous for their close relationship and have expressed an interest in participating in a joint project if their labels would allow it.

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Source: Soompi

Video: Arirang’s “Star VS. Star” Names Dara and Thunder As “Kpop Siblings With The Best Genes”

Weee! Dara and Thunder won! Kekeke! ^^  I agree with the hosts of this show. Not only are they the best siblings because of their looks, but also because of their genuine show of support for each other. Park Siblings jjang! ❤

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