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Video: Arirang’s “Star VS. Star” Names Dara and Thunder As “Kpop Siblings With The Best Genes”

Weee! Dara and Thunder won! Kekeke! ^^  I agree with the hosts of this show. Not only are they the best siblings because of their looks, but also because of their genuine show of support for each other. Park Siblings jjang!❤

Credits: thunder mblaq

Video: 140528 Ailee Sings 2NE1’s “Come Back Home” on “Ailee’s Vitamin”

Another 2NE1 song cover by Ailee~ She is so cute! ^^

Credits: AsiaTV2013

Photo: Dara’s Picture Spotted on Display at J. Estina’s Store

Dara’s picture, the one she shared on twitter when she was at the YG cafeteria minus the line sticker, was seen on display at J. Estina’s store. Seems like her sling bag is a newly released item ^_^


eat well darong

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Photo: Adorable Polaroid Pictures of Dara and Minzy

Hahaha, this is so cute!❤ Dara’s rabid bunny look. XDDD



Source: @tokkiella01

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Videos: Reaction Videos to 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me?” Dance Practice

I just love watching reaction videos! Don’t you? ^___^

Credits: E.J A.X + alex pepii

Info: MBC Every1 “Star JikJjik” Via Soompi Asks “Who Are the 30 Best K-Pop Idol Visuals?” – Dara at Number 10!

Who Are the 30 Best K-Pop Idol Visuals?

Who is the best looking idol visual?

Recently, MBC Every1‘s “Star JikJJik” ran a episode called, “30 Best Idol Visuals.” The rankings were determined through physiognomy, somatology, and suitability for broadcast.

A source from MBC Every1 stated, “We picked 30 visual members who represent their groups that debuted after 2000 and are still active. Plastic surgeon Kim Yong Sung, CEO of Aromi Plastic Surgery, evaluated through somatology, suitability for broadcast was evaluated by television cameramen, physiognomy was evaluated by a physiognomy expert, and the public, divided by generation, also participated.”




Source: MBC Every1 via Soompi

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Twitter: Sandara Park in “I Don’t Care” MV Found in Arts Textbook

Wah, an art textbook! Kekeke! I think that it’s for music and film students. From what I can see from the text, it talks about scene transitions according to the music. ^_^ 


@blobylo Dara-unnie in a textbook..!!!!!!!!!!!

@krungy21 Found in an arts book… Sandara!!!!!!! Twing 



Source: leesujeong0916

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Video: Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang Mentioned Sandara Park on Philippine Noontime Show, “Show Time”

Hahaha, the show’s hosts are so fun and talkative. ^^ They were talking about Holy Week vacations, and this is the cut where Vhong and Ryan talk about meeting Dara in Korea!

Vhong&Ryan Mentioned Dara of 2ne1 in Showtime

On April 1, 2013:

Vhong: I’d just like to thank someone! Even though her schedule was hectic and she’s already a very famous person, she still took time to see us. Miss Sandara Park! Thank you so much!

Karylle: Oh yeah, I saw your tweets…

Vice Ganda: Sandara, introduce me to G-Dragon (laughs)! I love G-Dragon.

Vhong: Thank you Sandara!

Karylle: Next time, take us all with you to Korea.

On April 2, 2013:

Anne: So what memorable experience did you guys have during the holidays?

Vhong: Me and Ryan, along with my kids and girlfriend, went to Korea. We met Sandara Park!

Karylle: Ryan just tweeted her, but she really went out to meet you guys, right?

Vhong: Yeah, she really made time.

Anne: Wow, Sandara Park is bongga (er, it means jjang/daebakk. Can also mean fabulous, extravagant, awesome)!

Ryan: And Sandara said that when she comes to the Philippines, she’ll come and visit Showtime.

Kuya Kim: She still knows how to speak Tagalog?

Ryan: Yes, she still speaks Tagalog. When we met, she was speaking to me in Tagalog, then I told her, “Sandara, I’m Korean too!” so after that, she spoke to me in Korean.

Vhong: And what’s great there is that Sandara actually speaks better Tagalog (than him.)

Ryan: And Sandara-ssi said that she’s single!

Anne: Did you fall in love Ryan? (more like in a teasing way)

Ryan: And then I answered her, “I’m single too!”

Vhong (to Ryan): And then my answer to that is “You’re a hopia!” (I think this is an inside joke, like something they call Ryan to tease him. Hopia is a popular Filipino-Chinese dessert)


Source: Kitty Pie

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Please see the comments section on the other translation for “hopia.” It seems that the term can be a reference to gay lingo. ^^

Random: Sports Chosun Plays “Spot the Difference” With 2NE1’s Airport Photo!

This is just so random! It’s first time that I ever saw something like this from Sports Chosun! LOLOLOL!😄 Can you spot the difference? There are five! Try to find them!


Think you got it already? Check out the cut to find the answer!!! ^^


News: Clara Transforms into Funky Sandara Park, Complete with “Palm Tree Hairstyle”

Clara Transforms into Funky Sandara Park, Complete with “Palm Tree Hairstyle”


Actress Clara transforms completely into Sandara Park.

In the recent filming for the program, MBC Every1 “Singles2,” their three guests, Clara, Han So Young, and NS Yoon-G, will be shedding off their usual image and will transform into a funky-lovely-rock chic style, as the broadcast will delve into a “Special Make Over.”

On this particular shoot, Clara gained a lot of attention as she shared, “I’ve enjoyed trying out a wide variety of different styles, but I think that today’s transformation would be the most radical and unconventional. I can’t wait to see it,” she said, speaking of her smokey-eye make-up and colorful outfit. Significantly, she chose to be like 2NE1 member, Sandara Park, complete with trademark palm-tree hair.

Also, it is said that  in this broadcast of “Singles2,” Clara showed that she is also a dancing queen, as she danced to 2NE1’s “I Am the Best,” showcasing her dance moves.

On the other hand, aside from Clara‘s transformation, Han So Young would be transforming into a rock-chic style, while NS Yoon-G would transform into a lovely lady in a dress with “cute play” charm.

The three celebrities’ transformations would be shown on “Singles2” broadcast on March 11th, at 8:50PM., on MBC Every1.


Source: Nate

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


 T/N: Yes, this is news, I was tempted to put it under “Random” or “Feature” but yeah it’s in the news portal, so I guess it’s considered news. Kekekeke! I wonder how Clara did? Sure she did well! ^_^