Hahaha, the show’s hosts are so fun and talkative. ^^ They were talking about Holy Week vacations, and this is the cut where Vhong and Ryan talk about meeting Dara in Korea!

Vhong&Ryan Mentioned Dara of 2ne1 in Showtime

On April 1, 2013:

Vhong: I’d just like to thank someone! Even though her schedule was hectic and she’s already a very famous person, she still took time to see us. Miss Sandara Park! Thank you so much!

Karylle: Oh yeah, I saw your tweets…

Vice Ganda: Sandara, introduce me to G-Dragon (laughs)! I love G-Dragon.

Vhong: Thank you Sandara!

Karylle: Next time, take us all with you to Korea.

On April 2, 2013:

Anne: So what memorable experience did you guys have during the holidays?

Vhong: Me and Ryan, along with my kids and girlfriend, went to Korea. We met Sandara Park!

Karylle: Ryan just tweeted her, but she really went out to meet you guys, right?

Vhong: Yeah, she really made time.

Anne: Wow, Sandara Park is bongga (er, it means jjang/daebakk. Can also mean fabulous, extravagant, awesome)!

Ryan: And Sandara said that when she comes to the Philippines, she’ll come and visit Showtime.

Kuya Kim: She still knows how to speak Tagalog?

Ryan: Yes, she still speaks Tagalog. When we met, she was speaking to me in Tagalog, then I told her, “Sandara, I’m Korean too!” so after that, she spoke to me in Korean.

Vhong: And what’s great there is that Sandara actually speaks better Tagalog (than him.)

Ryan: And Sandara-ssi said that she’s single!

Anne: Did you fall in love Ryan? (more like in a teasing way)

Ryan: And then I answered her, “I’m single too!”

Vhong (to Ryan): And then my answer to that is “You’re a hopia!” (I think this is an inside joke, like something they call Ryan to tease him. Hopia is a popular Filipino-Chinese dessert)


Source: Kitty Pie

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Please see the comments section on the other translation for “hopia.” It seems that the term can be a reference to gay lingo. ^^

Comments on: "Video: Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang Mentioned Sandara Park on Philippine Noontime Show, “Show Time”" (25)

  1. Tootsieroll said:

    I think what they meant with hopia is that Ryan Bang is hoping for something.. but yet nothing will come out of it..

  2. I have noticed Vice is really a GD fan…he is even updated about GD being a fashion icon. For instance,in another show,the host was talking about a male modeling a skirt and still come across as masculine, supposedly a First in fashion. Vice quickly noted “not true..because GD had already done that”. Sometimes the hair colors of Vice seem patterned after GD’s as well. That being said, I am so glad Vhong and Ryan thanked and praised Dara for being so nice on the air…makes up for her not being mentioned on The Buzz.

    • yeah I noticed too that Vice Ganda’s hair is somewhat patterned after GD. When i watch Showtime sometimes I can see V. Ganda’s necklace accesories are like the style of GD. So yeah I guess he’s really a fan.

  3. Vice also said about Dara: “She’s beautiful! She’s a very charming person!” 🙂

  4. DARATAMTAM said:

    HOPIA is kinda gay linggo-ish. Yes HOPIA is a a filipino-chinese snack/dessert if i’m not mistaken it’s mooncake in english. anyway HOPIA sounds like HOPE right? so Vhong meant was Ryan can only do was to HOPE (hope that he had a chance on Dara)

    Dara also happens to be use little gay linggo. plus she’s part of the language… GANDAra park. GANDA = BEAUTIFUL

  5. yes, she is ! im not stating dat dara is in rltnshp or dting sm1 , im just saying some info in related to dat post,. nd luis is only really close to dara ..

  6. Chloe2.0 said:

    If Dara says that she is single then she is single. If you’d rather believe otherwise then that is your business but I’d rather believe that Dara is an honest person. Why would she lie to her friends? She was not being interviewed in public. It was a private gathering of friends.

    • she also said something about keeping secrets.. if you’re really a fan, you would know that.. 🙂

      • Chloe2.0 said:

        “Keeping secrets” would mean not talking about the secret. If there was a secret to hide then Dara could have chosen not to talk about it rather than telling them that she is single. Or, she could have told them but warned them not to talk about it in public because it’s a secret. But they did talk about it in public-on television-thus they were not warned. There’s no secret. She’s single like she told her friends.

  7. in addition 2 dat also, vice nd vhong is really closefrnd of luis in showbz,. remmbr the last convo of luis nd dara in twittr , which dara said he watch d latest movie of luis which actually vice is also d lead star of dat movie. knowing vice, i think he knows somethng .. kkk ..

  8. i think he mean 8 !,he really want to m8 gd, bcz 8s not d 1rst time vice mention gd.. in dat day also sandy followed vice in twitter.

  9. Dara is really nice! hehehe Vice ganda loves G-dragon or he’s just teasing Dara? kekeke.

    • I think he’s only teasing.. ❤

    • he really likes gd, he’s mentioned gd in a few occasions in the show. he usually mentions gd when it comes to fashion. vice loves kpop, he’s been seen in 2ne1’s cant nobody mv clothes (the wire vest thingy that CL wore while holding a megaphone, gd’s outfit during the mama2012, the one where he has a lot of necklaces and exo’s shiny patch jackets)

  10. yes ! hopia means hopeless , im also no.1 fan of sandy hr in phil since scq days ,. so i really love her bcz she is one of a kind beautiful inside nd out ! mahal ka din namin sandy ! stay strong.. lots of love 4 u.!

  11. yah i think hopia is hopeless too 😉 They used that a lot n showtime to tease each other 😉

  12. Thanks every one for all the comments.. ^^ Thanks for explaining “hopia” and the link to the new video. ^^

  13. HOWTIME:
    Vhong Navarro : “Thanks to Sandara Park, despite her busy schedule, she still had time to meet us”

    Vice Ganda: “Sandara! Introduce me to G-Dragon! I LOVE G-DRAGON!”p://www.iwantv.com.ph/TV/Video/Its-Showtime/206/ 48:00 You Will see!

  14. “Sandara Park is bongga”——so this was the bongga translation twit about 🙂

    Truth… Sandara Park is EXTRAVAGANT!

  15. YGbyul_21 said:

    someone said to me that ”YOU’RE A HOPIA” BY VHONG to RYAN means “ASA KA PA”.. means your hopeless~ something like that x)

  16. I’ve found a video that also has the footage of when Vhong thanked Dara on April 1st.

  17. faith19 said:

    may be “hopia” as used by vhong means hoping?or hopeless?not really sure….hahaha.

  18. mnemoncz20 said:

    the meaning of HOPIA that they’re talking is “hopeful” or “hoping”.. some kind of like that

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