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Info: MBC Every1 “Star JikJjik” Via Soompi Asks “Who Are the 30 Best K-Pop Idol Visuals?” – Dara at Number 10!

Who Are the 30 Best K-Pop Idol Visuals?

Who is the best looking idol visual?

Recently, MBC Every1‘s “Star JikJJik” ran a episode called, “30 Best Idol Visuals.” The rankings were determined through physiognomy, somatology, and suitability for broadcast.

A source from MBC Every1 stated, “We picked 30 visual members who represent their groups that debuted after 2000 and are still active. Plastic surgeon Kim Yong Sung, CEO of Aromi Plastic Surgery, evaluated through somatology, suitability for broadcast was evaluated by television cameramen, physiognomy was evaluated by a physiognomy expert, and the public, divided by generation, also participated.”




Source: MBC Every1 via Soompi

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