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News: Clara Transforms into Funky Sandara Park, Complete with “Palm Tree Hairstyle”

Clara Transforms into Funky Sandara Park, Complete with “Palm Tree Hairstyle”


Actress Clara transforms completely into Sandara Park.

In the recent filming for the program, MBC Every1 “Singles2,” their three guests, Clara, Han So Young, and NS Yoon-G, will be shedding off their usual image and will transform into a funky-lovely-rock chic style, as the broadcast will delve into a “Special Make Over.”

On this particular shoot, Clara gained a lot of attention as she shared, “I’ve enjoyed trying out a wide variety of different styles, but I think that today’s transformation would be the most radical and unconventional. I can’t wait to see it,” she said, speaking of her smokey-eye make-up and colorful outfit. Significantly, she chose to be like 2NE1 member, Sandara Park, complete with trademark palm-tree hair.

Also, it is said that  in this broadcast of “Singles2,” Clara showed that she is also a dancing queen, as she danced to 2NE1’s “I Am the Best,” showcasing her dance moves.

On the other hand, aside from Clara‘s transformation, Han So Young would be transforming into a rock-chic style, while NS Yoon-G would transform into a lovely lady in a dress with “cute play” charm.

The three celebrities’ transformations would be shown on “Singles2” broadcast on March 11th, at 8:50PM., on MBC Every1.


Source: Nate

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


 T/N: Yes, this is news, I was tempted to put it under “Random” or “Feature” but yeah it’s in the news portal, so I guess it’s considered news. Kekekeke! I wonder how Clara did? Sure she did well! ^_^

Photos: Dara and Minzy In “Rule The Sky” Website

I guess Rule The Sky decided to put in Minzy and Dara at their website after all the free promotions the girls did for the game by mentioning it on Twitter, kekeke! ^_^

Minzy has a puppy house while Dara has TamTam house. XD


How cute is this TamTam house? XD But their eyes are a bit scary-looking though. O_O


And this is how an island in RTS would look like withthe Tamtam building, LOL! ^^ This is Littlestone’s island. ^^


And here’s the screen if you ask for a request for Tamtam house to work! Dara icon! ❤



Sources: @rabbbooo @darliciousx @littlestone_

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Info: Dara’s Endorsement Prowess Causes Clio’s Sales to Rise

This is awesome! A purchasing agent who buys Korean cosmetics for Chinese, said that 7000+ Clio products, lipsticks and eyeliners, that are endorsed by Dara, were sold out in the morning alone! And the thing is, the 7000+ sales were made in just half a day! And another, when primary admin went to the Clio branch in SM Megamall, a lot of their stocks were also sold out. When she asked the saleslady, she said that it was because Sandara Park was endorsing the brand! ^^

The endorsing power of Sandara Park! Clio made a great choice in getting her to endorse their products.  She doesn’t even have a CF yet, but Clio products are selling out well already. ^^ Clio products are by no means cheap, but we are so happy that they are doing well! Dara really has amazing powers of persuasion. But seriously, if you guys could look even a tenth like Dara with Clio make-up, wouldn’t you want to buy them too? Kekeke! ^^ I want to try out that Chic Bloom look, woohoo! Clio, come to my province please! T_T


Also, for everyone who wants to buy Clio products, outlets can be found in the following places:

Philippines – Most SM malls, inside the department store, cosmetics section

Singapore and Malaysia – Most Watsons stores

Vietnam – Nowzone HCMC

UK – John Lewis stand

If you guys know more places in your respective countries, leave information on the comments section below to help out all the fans that want to purchase! ^^

So happy for Dara and Clio! Job well done, everybody! <333


Source: WeLoveDara and @SandaraBarCHINA

Article by: OhDara

Video: 130217 YouU Sings 2NE1’s Ugly at K-POP Star 2

The girls sang 2NE1’s Ugly at today’s episode. What do you think of their version? ^_^

Credits: Kpoplivehdhd2

Random: Dara’s Little Act of Gratitude – Handwritten Letters to CLIO Staff

Weee, Dara is just the nicest and most thoughtful idol ever! ❤ She shows her appreciation to people who work with her, and she’s been very consistent about it. ^^ The Etude staff love her, and now I think that the CLIO staff love her too! Who wouldn’t love her though? ^^ She made hand-written letters to all the Clio staff.. ^^


Source: Littlestone on OhMyGoddess

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: Dok2 mentions 2NE1 & I Don’t Care in The Quiett’s ‘2 Chainz & Rollies’

We can hear Dok2 mentioning 2NE1 at 2:03 of the vid. ^^


Feature: YStar Psychological Analysis on Stars Based on Their Drawings – Sandara Park’s Cute Self-Portrait

Finally, done! A lot of people have mentioned me over the past couple of days asking me what this post meant, keke! They are analyzing artists’ personalities based on their drawings. If you remember, Dara drew this way back 2009, during the Melon 2009 awards. 

Dara had drawn herself in her smexy little, black dress, and uploaded it on me2day~! Let’s take a look back on smexy, smexy Dara at that time! I wish she would wear something like this again. XD

200912161816461002_1 (1)

And here is what the experts say about her drawing:


2NE1 Sandara Park

Incredibly feminine drawing!


Sandara drawing / figure
The lines and the features are all very round


The symmetry is well-balanced as well


The neck is very firm
Meaning a person who is strong and stable with a lot of patience!

Read the rest of the trans below! ^^


Random: Dara’s Heartwarming PEX Post from 2005 – “I Love You All! I Want To Make My Supporters Proud Of Me…”

We don’t usually post screencaps of Dara’s old PEX posts, but this is just too precious not to share. I know that Dara has many international fans who don’t understand tagalog, so we’re sharing this with English translations.

In this post, you can get a glimpse of how great a person Sandara Park is. She considers her fans as her friends and wants to keep on fighting and improving for them, and for herself. She shares that she wants to improve and work hard not because she only wants fame, but because she wants to be a real artist. I love how she knows her weaknesses, and instead of dwelling, she sets it upon herself to improve, to go the extra mile. She never gives up in pursuing her dreams. And she also shares that she doesn’t want her fans to fight with her anti’s. She knows that she has anti’s, but she wants her fans to be the bigger people and not fight against them.. She’s just so humble, and for that she earned the respect not just of her fans, but of other people as well.

And oh Dara, we believe in you as well, and we believe that you are a talented artist~! We cannot promise that we won’t want to break your anti’s faces when confronted with them, but we do promise to TRY and become the bigger person because you want us to be.. ^^

I guess she posted this before she went back to Korea for training for 6 months.. She mentioned that she’s still going to sign the contract, probably with YGE so she could become an official trainee.. ^^ (thanks for the people at the comments section for clearing this up for me. ^^) 


I’m so sad and sorry to leave you guys, but it’s all for you, and of course, for me too! I have friends like Pauleen, Maoui, Michel, etc, they might not be as popular as I am right now, but I always envy them… When I see them, I always tell them, “I want to be talented like you..” See! I can’t sing well, dance well, or act well right now.. I’m very lucky to have you, friends… My supporters, so I want to make you proud of me.. I don’t want you fighting with anti-Sandara fans who tell you that I don’t have talent! You’re fighting for me.. But it’s true that I don’t have talent, so let’s just wait a little and we’ll be happy together~ Very soon! And of course! Another important thing is that I have to finish my studies too~ Before I sign the talent center contract, I already asked permission from Mr. M! And another boss~ I might not be as popular as now when I go back there (to Korea)… But I’ll still be happy! When I said, “I love you all,” while waving my hands… And I said, I want to be famous! I want to be popular~ That’s not what I really want! I really wanted to be a talented artist, and if you’re an artist, then it’s natural that you want to become famous too, right? It’s normal to dream about that! And many people told me that they admire me for my decision.. I’m sure that all of you believe that it’s not ONLY popularity that I want. If that’s the only thing I wanted, then I wouldn’t leave. I can see my bright future~ I believe in myself, I believe in you~ Parkers~! I might be trouble maker, Krung-Krung, weird, crazy, but… I love you all!!! ^.^ <— Korean version of a smiling face Ha ha


Source: PEX screencappsed by @JOANM42

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTransaltor@WeLoveDara

Video: 130115 2NE1’s I Am The Best Used As A BGM For “Fall In Love” (Take Me Out) Show

I Am The Best plays at 1:30. ^^

Credits: Lin Jion via @Planet2NE1

Article/Trans: Indonesian Group ‘Tangga’ are Fans of 2NE1 and Big Bang


TANGGA’s Chevrina: I like all personality of 2NE1. Each of the personalityl has character. In terms of fashion, I really like Sandara. Her fashion is ‘crazy’ and unique. Her hair style is also very unique, raised high or bald on one side. From the vocal perspective, I like Minzy. Her voice is very unique & really ‘Korea’.

TANGGA’s Nerra: In 2NE1, I like BOM because her voice is really good. From the appearance, I like Sandara, because she has the most feminine face, but her style & make-up is not too girly. More to hip-hop & cool really. For example, she likes to wear pants that rolled up on one side.

(A/N: The translator translated the 2NE1 parts only. See the full article here: LINK.)


Translated by: @PLANET2NE1

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara