The girls sang 2NE1’s Ugly at today’s episode. What do you think of their version? ^_^

Credits: Kpoplivehdhd2

Comments on: "Video: 130217 YouU Sings 2NE1’s Ugly at K-POP Star 2" (4)

  1. this song needs emotions, coz even thought it’s an upbeat song it’s actually emotional song!! the essence of the song did’t came out bcoz they dance a lot they didn’t capture the meaning of the song! but over all they did well! 2ne1 song ain’t easy to sing!

  2. Poongpoong said:

    Good but it feels a bit dead. I love that they chose 2ne1 though!

  3. ckjack_bla said:

    Nice cover. 😀 Although the drum part is kinda lame to me. The vocals are okay but the “umph” factor is definitely missing. They need to pull out a rocker performance to make the crowd feel the club/party vibe.

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