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Fancam: 130407 Beautiful 2NE1 at K-POP Star 2

Here is a fancam of the girls inside the studio and going and leaving the venue. I find it so sweet when they were waving and smiling to the fans who were waiting for them. ^^ At 2:00, watch Dara making a digital banner for YG and waving it proudly. Kekek~ So cuuute! ♥

Credits: @NOKIOv

(From @NOKIOv, please do not re-upload the fancam or make screencaps or GIFs from it. Thank you! ^^)

Video: 130407 2NE1 at the Guest Seat in Kpop Star 2

Our girls~ Gaaaaah! Seeing them on Korean TV makes me miss them so much more! T_T

They are so beautiful! Dara’s smile… T___T 

Credits: jonas woody

Audio: 130317 Two-Thousand-Won Covers 2NE1’s Lonely in KPOP Star 2

Wow! I actually really really like their cover! <333 It has that suave feel to it~ And the rap parts thrown here and there are really cool too! What do you guys think of it? ^_^

Credits: BubbleFeetGravityCH6

Audio: YouU’s Cover of 2NE1’s Ugly for Kpop Star 2 (Studio Version)

On the Feb. 17th episode of KPOP Star, group YouU did a cover of 2NE1’s Ugly and here is the studio version of their cover. ^^ What do you guys think? 

Credits: Jen Chau

Video: 130217 YouU Sings 2NE1’s Ugly at K-POP Star 2

The girls sang 2NE1’s Ugly at today’s episode. What do you think of their version? ^_^

Credits: Kpoplivehdhd2