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Fancam: 141012 Dara Arriving and Leaving Taeyang’s “RISE” Concert Venue

Dara walks so fast, kekekeke! XD Pretty, cutie Dara looking like a cute dongsaeng.. ❤

141012 Dara Arriving and Leaving Taeyang’s “RISE” Concert Venue

Credits: jjirong21

Video: 140630 OhMyGoddess HD/HQ Fancam of Goddess and Tourist Sandara Park at Incheon Airport back from Singapore

Dara will always be a special Woman for me

[직캠] 140630 Incheon Airport Arrival (DARA ver)

Credits: OMGSANDAR21·

Video: 140703 Fancam Of Pretty Dara At Incheon International Airport Back From Myanmar

Dara looking so pretty in that cute apple hair! I’m happy to see chubbier cheeks on her~ And she’s also smiling! It’s been a while since we’ve seen her smile at the airport in Korea. Smile more, Dara unnie. ❤

Credits: november sweet

Videos: 140802 Short Fancams Of 2NE1 At The “Samsung Galaxy Stage” Concert In Myanmar

Here are short fancams from the concert! ^^


Sources: zinzinnaing + lisa_lhy_ + jassyliang
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 140801 Fancam Of 2NE1 At The “Samsung Galaxy Stage” Press Conference in Myanmar

The screams from the fans were so loud! You can really tell how excited Myanmar Blackjacks are! ^_^

Credits: Frances park

Video: 140801 Fancams Of 2NE1 At “Samsung Galaxy Stage” Press Conference In Myanmar

Here’s a short fancam 2NE1 at the press conference! ^^ Sweet 2NE1 never forgetting to thank Blackjacks~ ♥

CL: “We wouldn’t be here without you guys. So, I thank all from the bottom of our heart and we love you all.”

And here’s a fancam of 2NE1 leaving the venue! ^^


Source: whatfanboy_ + yjayeint
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 140801 Instavid Of Kind, Pretty Dara Smiling At Fans At Yangon International Airport

OMG! Such a close fancam! Dara looks really really pretty!!! T_T The fans were calling her and so she looked at them and smiled her million dollar smile~~~ Kyaaa! Dara’s kindness is what makes her more beautiful! Sweet sweet Dara! ❤

Credits: vallerenakyawt

Fancam: 140714 Pretty Dara Smiling Brightly At Fans At Kansai International Aiport

Dara smiling brightly and waving at fans! So happy to see Dara in such a joyous mood! ^_^

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다라언니 고마워요♥♥ #다라 #2NE1

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Credits: kkns_wy

Fancam/Photo: 140713 Sweet Dara Waving At A Lucky Fan In Their Hotel In Japan

Ooooh! A fan gets to see Dara in the hotel and Dara waved at her! Lucky! ❤



Source: kwon88ami
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 140629 Fancam of Bright Dara At Sarah Geronimo’s Concert In Singapore

Here’s a 9-second fancam of Dara at Sarah Geronimo’s concert in Singapore! ^_^

Credits: Rey Angala