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Video: “A Good Friend Gets to Visit Sarah Geronimo in Singapore” ~ Sarah Talks About “Sandy”

Dara is such a supportive, awesome friend! ❤ She went to see Sarah’s concert when she was in Singapore last June.. ^^ The concert was on the 29th.. ^^

A Good Friend Gets to Visit Sarah Geronimo in Singapore

Sarah on Dara: “Sandy remains the same from what I know of her before when she was still here in the Philippines when she was people were calling her “krung-krung,” nothing changed, she remained kind and she still speaks Tagalog. And how she treats and interacts with Filipinos remains the same, she’s still very warm. So thank you, thank you very much.”

Sarah’s message to Dara: “Sandy, you’re a big inspiration to us all. And we are very, very happy of everything you have achieved.”

Credits: VIVA TV

Video: 140629 Fancam of Bright Dara At Sarah Geronimo’s Concert In Singapore

Here’s a 9-second fancam of Dara at Sarah Geronimo’s concert in Singapore! ^_^

Credits: Rey Angala

Twitter: Dara Shares Backstage Photos with Teacher Georcelle and Sarah Geronimo at Sarah G’s Concert in Singapore

Sweet Dara reuniting with old friends and supporting them even after all these years~ So so kind-hearted! ♥




DARA: Teacher Georcelle!!! Thank u so much for taking care of mre!!! I had so much fun with u yesterday at sarah’s concert! 😀


DARA: Krungkrung with our teacher Georcelle and one and only!!! Sarah Geronimo!!! I still remember when we were both young 😛


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: GallyTheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLAI@OhDara

Photos: 140629 Fan-Taken Pictures of Cute Fangirl Dara Watching Sarah G’s Concert at HardRock Hotel, Singapore

Dara the fangirl! It’s cute how she showed her support for Sarah G, a fellow ABS-CBN artist and friend from when she was here in the Philippines.. ❤ Just look at her, so adorable! ❤






Video: Sarah Geronimo Jams to “Falling in Love” While Shooting Kakao Talk CF

Sarah Geronimo shooting the CF for “Kakao Talk” Philippines, while listening to Kpop music! ^^ “Falling In Love” comes at around 1:42 and 3:35.. ^^ It’s so cute when she started to dance to the song, it seems that she’s so familiar with it. ^^

Sarah Geronimo fun and relaxed photoshoot!

Credits: Viva Ent

Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “Movie time before I sleep even though I am tired…”

Weeeee!!! Dara just tweeted the gift that I (@WLD_PA) gave her at Changi International Airport (Singapore) when I waited for her at the terminal! <333

The movie “It Takes A Man And A Woman” was one of the DVDs that I gave Dara at the aiport! ^_^ I’m so happy that she is watching it right now! <333


Yeah hey~ movie time before I sleep even though I’m tired. 🙂 Thank you to the person who gave this!!!


Twitter: 130329 SNS Princess Dara Is On A Following Spree

Dara must be bored~! Keke~ She has followed a lot of Filipino celebrities and also international stars like Beyonce and Grimes, who recently came to Korea. Also, she followed Aziatix’s Flowsik and JYJ’s Jaejoong. ^^


Source: @krungy21