Dara must be bored~! Keke~ She has followed a lot of Filipino celebrities and also international stars like Beyonce and Grimes, who recently came to Korea. Also, she followed Aziatix’s Flowsik and JYJ’s Jaejoong. ^^


Source: @krungy21

Comments on: "Twitter: 130329 SNS Princess Dara Is On A Following Spree" (63)

  1. and I’mma look up to AFF if there are new fics about theeeeeeeessseeee!!! ^^;

  2. boys…boys..boys..

    r u now jealous???????


  3. DaraDara said:

    Ohhhhh. I think i know the movie and the Drama, Dara supposed to be in.The Drama i think is My girlfriend is a gumiho and the movie is Heaven’s postman, which Jj is the lead guy. Not sure though… Hahaha ^_~

    • woo..that would be nice if it happens..but since it’s already in the past..then. just let it be.for sure she will have her own drama too…her brother thunder will star in a drama..for sure…she will be…soon..i’m sure yg will let her now…and i it happens i will spazz and scream the whole day…keke..

  4. spazzing like crazy…..it would be nice if jaejoong will follow her back but we know what are the consequences would be….honestly dara unnie is so random…..so so random….i’m so thrilled on whats going to happen next…..

  5. dara following jaejong is no surprise to me. I know that they had already an interaction before her joining 2ne1. When she was not yet confirmed to be a part of the new YG girl group then, which is 2ne1 now, she was preparing to be an actress. There were actually 2 projects that she was supposed to do but got replaced by known actresses. — don’t ask me cause I won’t tell. past is past and i am happy for what happened cause look at where she is now.

    • I always wanted to know which drama Dara was originally casted in. Your comment has once again sparked my curiosity!

      • I don’t think they will ever be revealed unless dara reveals them herself. All I can give you is that 1 is a movie ( not the movie “19” with top and seungri – we all know about that) and 1 is a drama ( a long one) that’s it. Don’t want to get in trouble for this

    • i am fully aware of that movie that she’s suppose to star with but not with the drama….so there’s drama too? with whom? to the same guy or another? wahhhhh

      • annekyut said:

        I think its Heaven’s Postman & she was replaced by Han Hyo Joo as the lead actress, Jaejoong is the leading man.

        • secret..... said:

          yeah that is the movie alright… she got replaced because the producer or director wanted someone known/famous. JJ and dara already did the readings only to end up not working together… sad

    • why you’ll get in trouble?

    • people might think this is just rumor/hearsay so I wont say anything more. hehehe….

  6. nessadin0 said:

    Everyone is talking about flowski and jaejoong, but I’m going crazy that she followed my favorite male Filipino actors Vhong and Sam. <3333

  7. Flowsic and Dara are on convo now……….. they are online.


    GO GO GIRL…..

  9. Dara-unnies’ fan service to us shippers! ♥

  10. zaynab said said:

    i hope dara follow some kpop girls too like kara , miss a, girlday and aliee , sistar .

  11. belle_2ne1 said:

    and OMGGG!!ok jaz CALM DOWN FLOWSIK! RELAXXXX! U might get heart attack for too much giddy! hahahahaaha!

  12. belle_2ne1 said:

    “im looking for JJ to follow her back! JJ is one of a closest friend of TOP!! “

  13. I wish jj will not follow dara,she will gain more haters… Aist! Some cassie’s are so mean… Other shippers keep on bashing dara bcoz she keeps on follwing other male idols..whats wrong with that? I dont understand why they hated dara so much… I just wish dara to be happy and be with a man that can love,respect and protect her…

  14. aww!! Dara must have followed others so kpop fans wont kill her if she follows their idol
    flowsik’s lucky day. is there a chance JJ would follow her back?

  15. Poongpoong said:

    Its unlikely that JJ will follow back, but I hope JJ won’t follow dara. Cassies will go psycho and bash on her. Sasaengs might do something horrible!

      • Poongpoong said:

        Not all, but some are obsessed crazy fangirls who follow them around and invade their privacy. Scary.

    • Oh yeah was just wishing him to follow her but if thats tge case I hope he will not follow her it is enough that she follow him.. I think the saseang and the obsession of their fans are scary I dont want that Dara will get hurt by them.. Is JJ followed a lot of celebrity on his first Twitter?… Please answer my question guy… Thank you!!:-)

      • Poongpoong said:

        I don’t think he followed more than 10 people. I don’t know for sure coz I just viewed his profile once or twice before. I didnt follow him then and I don’t follow him now.

        • Thanks for the info… I hope Dara will be happy whoever she will chose in the future.. And that man will be really lucky..

      • annekyut said:

        he only followed 2.. junsu is the only celebrity, i think?

  16. yeah,dara is making her fans happy including me,she followed my favorite idol like Donghae,flowsik,now I’m waiting for her to follow yesung,simon and the 2PM.thanks DARA.I hope that u and Donghae will have drama soon.

  17. i thought grimes was the first to follow dara?? is she following dara???

  18. @shy_spy12 said:

    I noticed that Donghae is following her back now…do you guys know since when?

  19. This must be a LUCKY day for Flowsik,LOL!!! I’m curios about his reaction once he finds out that his ultimate ideal woman followed him on twitter 🙂 And OMG I cant believe that Dara also followed Kim Jeajong, she’s soooooo random and I love it!!!♥♥ uhmm..What’s going to happen tomorrow?…Everyone let’s just wait and see.This is exciting…… ^^,

  20. cheneechee said:


  21. follow wooyoung, nichkhun & yesung

  22. Dara is such a fan, she probably spazzes like all of us too if these boys follow back. 😀

  23. Didn’t expect dara to ff jaejoong….she’s really a tvxq/jyj fan….love the fact that she doesn’t have this “star” thingy…based on those she ffs…she’s just like an ordinary person who ff her friends…her idols etc….its twitter after all…that’s the use of it right…and not just to flaunt who u are…but to be updated…lol

  24. Oh my gawdddd Jaedara!!~~ spazzz

  25. First is Donghae and now are Jaeoong and Flowsik. Next will be Siwon, Sungmin, Nichkhun, Wooyoung,….? Oh my…all fanboys.

  26. WAHHHHH!!!! /runs to twitter to spazz/

  27. Reblogged this on i hate you emily.

  28. MYGOD! MY FEELS! >..<

  29. i just died!!!!! now im still up waiting if he’ll follow back since he only follows junsu and his cafe’s twitter acct

    • Who knows! Hahaha Jaejoong might pull an Il Woo. *followed Dara, altho he only follows his website & manager/company was it? 😀 but i stil doubt it…. 😀 m

    • I’m also waiting to see if he will follows back Dara.

  30. KIM JAEJOONG!! No, this is not a shipping comment ^__^

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