OMG! Keke~ Rapper Flowsik has admitted a few times that Dara is his ideal type. Dara followed him on Twitter yesterday and now, we see him talking to her. Kkk~ Aren’t they cute? ^_^



FLOWSIK: Oh my god…what’s up girl!

DARA: hi!!! Good morning 🙂

Source: @krungy21 + @flowsik

Translated by: OhItsLAI@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Greets Aziatix’s Flowsik A Good Morning" (26)

  1. it seems dat he really cud not believe and so amazed dat dara is following him with his intro “omg”! kkkkk ^^

  2. Lucky fanboy flowsik… LOL

  3. aigoo.. let’s enjoy this moment coz our dear Dara is building her connection outside YG… enjoy reading fanfics too and let it remains in our imagination!!

  4. gives me butterflies, such a lucky lucky fan boy!

  5. i can just imagine flowsik’s reaction when dara replied to him..haha….one lucky fanboy in here…hahahaha…

  6. JoinsungOppa said:

    *gasp! Looks like Dara is giving ways for her fanboys to approach her nowadays and Flowsik is her biggest fanboy/admirer. This only means one thing….Dara is single and available to anyone (within the circle of her admirers) to date…it also marks the an end of Daragon & Darayang (afterall, they’re just ‘family’ right)…whoever can make Dara happy, should really take action now.

    • uhmmm, guess your right. it’s like giving signal to those who likes or showing interest in her that she is single and completely available ready to date.

    • AlohaDara said:

      you make assumptions…but nobody really knows.

      lets be happy that shes reaching out to make more friends…and I agree whoever can make her happy, we will support.

      • i think shes looking for a friend,not a boyfriend..

        its different guys…dont think to much…

        • JoinsungOppa said:

          hahaha..if i’m some vip in kpop circle, i’d go for her too, man. i know that signal too well. bsides, dara always talks about wanting to date or have boyfriends in all her interviews last year prior to end of her dating ban. if she wants to have many friends, she’s doing it right by gathering all the good looking boys first, eh? if she’s not single, then her boyfriend must be enjoying this alot, i guess 🙂 don’t get me wrong, i love dara and she looks lonely, i will be very happy to know if she found a man who can loves her more than we all did.

          • what if…..ahhh i dont want 2 say it..if ever she have a bf right now and his taking her for granted,boy im sure your gonna lost her…dont do this…

          • tatatata :P said:

            ummm I understand the whole reasoning about her wanting to get a boyfriend and all but…..don’t you thinbk that just adding them up so they can ‘approach’ her is a a move that’s a little bit too bold? I don’t know, It’s not very Dara-ish, though I don’t really know her personally, but still, I feel that a lot of people including her would see this as a little bit too desperate. Plus it doesn’t go well when she does it so publicly. Pretty much, I don’t agree with her looking for friends nor boyfriend, I just think she was bored and decided to follow pretty boys she liked…

    • Blaq_roze said:

      Totally agreeing with you… Its like she just went through a break up… dealing with it by meeting more boys to piss off her ex… But on the other hand Dara ever mentioned wanting to try new things right?… Without Se7en, Dara is unstoppable… LOVE Dara but worry about the fanboys’ fans… Mr Right please your appearance already…

  7. boys…boys…boys…

    r u now jealous??????


  8. Lol at flowsik’s reaction!! Haha manly guy is cute when spazzing.

  9. i bet he’s jumping up and down, rolling in the ground, crying,shouting….. you know the feeling of just died and came back to life…haha.. im so happy for Flow! fanboys ftw!

  10. redstilleto said:

    My wish and tweets to Dara finally comes true! Flowsik is such a loyal and giddy fanboy! Luv you both

  11. “Oh my god”!……… did he just tweet that? then regain his cool by “whats up girl”…. keke he is sooo spazzing right there i can really since it so obvious im so grinning while typing my comments here…..flowsik guy is so adorable now i’m excited on what he’ll gonna say on his interviews..

  12. soo cute..finally a fanboy dreams came come true…

  13. how cute could their conversation be…ha ha ha
    i think Dara will be following her fanboys…he he he

  14. YEAH,I am happy 4 Flowsik(aziatix r sweet guys and humble)I hope they become good friend like Seven and Joross.

  15. nessadin0 said:

    A fanboy who got his wish fulfilled I think a lot of other fanboys are now constantly checking their twitter to see if they get anything from Dara. I would lol.

  16. fantassiia said:

    lol, Flowsik doesn’t even hide his surprise and happiness….you know, saying Oh my God and all 😛 I’m glad he got a reply from Dara, he’s such a sweet fanboy!!

  17. linlin_10 said:

    Flow is sooooo gay!!!!! What happened to the very manly Flow in those interviews kekekekeke, maybe he still hasn’t get over hte fact the Dara is following her now. Too cute lol!!!

  18. Dragonfly87 said:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Flowsik’s spazzing is sooooo cute!!

    “Oh my god… What’s up girl!”

    And Dara’s cute awkward response. >___<

  19. im so happy for flowsik..he has been a loyal fanboy and i think he deserves it…

    way to go flow!!!!

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