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Video: Danny Asks Flowsik About Her “Ideal Girl Type” Dara During DFLA x Aziatix Interview

Hahaha, OMG Flowsik must’ve been a bit nervous when Danny asked about Dara. Haha! Probably knows that he came from the same label as she is in now, kekeke! XDDD Danny’s “I had to ask,” and “I’ve got her number on my phone,” and the totally sassy, “.. And pretty” remarks were hilarious! And the way he pronounces her name is cute too. XD (sorry for the flails, I’m a huge 1TYM fan T_T) Oh Flowsik, you fanboy, not even getting any support from his other members who just laughed at him, kekeke! ❤

Fun is at 4:14 – 4:40.. ^^

DFLA x Aziatix presents the “Baby Let’s Go” World Premiere

Credits: Mnet America

Twitter: Flowsik Likes Falling In Love’s “Nice Summer Feel”

Flowsik, the most adorable and loyal fanboy I know as of now, kekeke! ❤ Wonder what he thinks of Dara going blonde? ^_^



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Article: 2NE1 Dara’s Ultimate Fanboy Aziatix Rapper Flowsik Talks About His Crush

2NE1 Dara’s Ultimate Fanboy Aziatix Rapper Flowsik Talks About His Crush



Flowsik and Dara sitting in a tree, T-W-E-E-T-I-N-G… wait… that doesn’t really work, but you get the point.

Aziatix rapper Flowsik is not shy about his little crush on 2NE1’s Dara – well, not to the rest of the world – face-to-face is another story. But now that the two follow each other on Twitter, could this finally be his in? Or perhaps the start of something?

If you Google “Dara Flowsik” over 25,000 results pop up, proving this little one-sided love has been gaining the attention of Blackjacks and Aziaddicts for quite some time, at least since Aziatix’s debut back in 2011.

In a recent interview with KpopStarz, Flowsik was asked about his new Twitter relationship with vocalist Sandara Park – and at the very mention of her name his ears turned red and he was rendered speechless.

A smile and some giggles were about all that came out of him for a little while as he tried to regain composure. A feat that proved slightly difficult as he was being teased by his Aziatix group mates Nicky Lee and Eddie Shin.

Giving a big grin and wave to the camera, Flowsik managed to get out a cute, if not completely embarrassed-looking “Hi, Sandara.”

An unapologetic fanboy, Flowsik has mentioned Dara on many occasions in the past, and the topic now seems to be a given anytime an interviewer has a chance to speak with Aziatix.

And Dara, the object of affection for many a fanboy, seems to be okay with the public attention from Flowsik. They have been tweeting with each other since late March when she sent him a good morning message. His response? “Oh my god…. what’s up girl!

So far things have been very professional between the two – an exchange of “nice to meet you,” a hopeful collaboration suggestion, and a congratulatory tweet about 2NE1’s four-year anniversary. But Flowsik’s crush is egged on my his group mate Nicky, who appears to find the situation endearingly hilarious and retweets the rapper’s messages to Dara.

Nicky is either the best wingman in the world or just gets a big kick out of embarrassing Flowsik – either way, fans are paying attention!

In a USTREAM event last year with fans, Flowsik recounted when he saw 2NE1 (and specifically Dara) in person at the airport after an awards show in Singapore. “I just choked. I didn’t know what to say,” he said. After a sigh he added, “It’s okay. My time will come.”

Maybe his time will come soon. Aziatix is about to release their latest album and go off on a worldwide promotional tour starting in Asia. Sandara’s group 2NE1 is also preparing their highly anticipated comeback, so paths are bound to cross at some point.

We just hope that Flowsik doesn’t choke!


Source: KpopStarz

Video: Aziatix Mentions Dara in their Interview Once More – Watch Cute Flowsik Fanboy!

I think it’s become a habit to mention Dara when “collaborations” are brought up in interviews. Kekeke! I love how Flowsik starts to mention 2NE1, and then Eddie cuts him and says “

Starts at 2:12 of the video! Enjoy! ❤ Watch the interview actually! The whole interview is actually fun to watch, they are such dynamic and funny guys. ^_^

KpopStarz Exclusive: What’s Up With Aziatix? (Part 2)

Credits: Kpop Starz

Interviewer: I know that Sandara just started following you on Twitter..

Flowsik: *nervous giggling* Yeah… *looks down, starts acting like a cute, shy kid hahaha*

Nicky: Wuuuttttt… *looks at Flowsik, grinning like mad*

Eddie: Look at his smile.. I think his ears are turning red…

*All the while, Flowsik has this huge, ear-to-ear smile going on and covering his face and looking flustered*

Flowsik: Hi Sandara… *gives cute wave*

Nicky: He’s speechless right now…

More transcript after the cut.. ^^


Twitter: Aziatix’s Flowsik and Nicky congratulates Sandara for 2NE1’s 4th anniversary

Woots!!! Isn’t Flowsik so nice ^^

I like how he calls her Sandara rather than Dara.


“Congrats on the 4 year anniversary sandara!!! ^^”

“thanks flowsik!!! ^________^”

And Nicky RTed Flowsik’s tweet, mentioning Dara~



@Flowsik + @Krungy21 + @nickylee1126

Twitter: Flowsik and Nicky of Aziatix hope to have a collab with Dara

Weee, as you probably already know, Flowsik has often said he wanted if given the chance to have a collab with her! Nicky, another member of Aziatix seemingly also wants that to happen~ ^^ 

We can only hope, keke.


“Nice to meet you… I hope we can collab sometime! ;)”

“Yap! Tell it to Jinu oppa hehe. Nice to meet you ~ “


“Nice to meet you… I hope we can collab sometime too… Kekeke”

Source: @Flowsik + @Krungy21 + @nickylee1126

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Twitter: Dara Greets Aziatix’s Flowsik A Good Morning

OMG! Keke~ Rapper Flowsik has admitted a few times that Dara is his ideal type. Dara followed him on Twitter yesterday and now, we see him talking to her. Kkk~ Aren’t they cute? ^_^



FLOWSIK: Oh my god…what’s up girl!

DARA: hi!!! Good morning 🙂

Source: @krungy21 + @flowsik

Translated by: OhItsLAI@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Twitter: 130329 SNS Princess Dara Is On A Following Spree

Dara must be bored~! Keke~ She has followed a lot of Filipino celebrities and also international stars like Beyonce and Grimes, who recently came to Korea. Also, she followed Aziatix’s Flowsik and JYJ’s Jaejoong. ^^


Source: @krungy21

Twitter: Flowsik (@flowsik) to Dara (@Krungy21) ” !!! ”

Okay, who’s giddy? Dara’s long and consistant fanboy Flowsik of Aziatix finally got the courage not only to follow Dara, but to also mention her!  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Though… it’s only a few exclamation points! Haha, he must be shy !

Hopefully Dara responds! 

( ^∇^)

Source: @Flowsik / @Geotjimar

Twitter: Aziatix’s Flowsik (@flowsik) – “Let me gather my courage…”

Cute Dara fanboy Flowsik strikes again!!! If you have been living in a rock and don’t know who he is, he is a member of group Aziatix and a huge huge huge Dara fanboy. He has declared his admiration for Dara over and over again. How cute is he trying to gather up his courage to tweet her? I hope Dara sees his mention, follows, and replies to him.

Source: @flowsik