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Instagram: Danny Shares a Warm Photo with “Lovely Ladies” Dara, Bom, and Minzy

Taken at the airport probably? ^^ Danny looking good with our Dara, Bom, and Minzy! ❤ Looking like a proud oppa! ❤



Lovely Ladies! #sandara #bomi #minzy


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Video: Danny Asks Flowsik About Her “Ideal Girl Type” Dara During DFLA x Aziatix Interview

Hahaha, OMG Flowsik must’ve been a bit nervous when Danny asked about Dara. Haha! Probably knows that he came from the same label as she is in now, kekeke! XDDD Danny’s “I had to ask,” and “I’ve got her number on my phone,” and the totally sassy, “.. And pretty” remarks were hilarious! And the way he pronounces her name is cute too. XD (sorry for the flails, I’m a huge 1TYM fan T_T) Oh Flowsik, you fanboy, not even getting any support from his other members who just laughed at him, kekeke! ❤

Fun is at 4:14 – 4:40.. ^^

DFLA x Aziatix presents the “Baby Let’s Go” World Premiere

Credits: Mnet America

Twitter: Dara Greets Tae Bin (Danny Im) A Happy Birthday

Tae Bin is 1TYM’s youngest member and is currently residing in LA. He is doing an MNET show called “Danny from LA” where 2NE1 guested last 2012. ^^


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Photos: Sandara at Starly website

Starly is actress Park Han Byul‘s own fashion line 🙂 The clothes are really cute, fresh and feminine! La-la-la-love ❤

Check out more pics of Dara and YG family members below 🙂