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Instagram: Adorable Dara Goes Down Memory Lane with Monday~ Saturday “Throwback” Pictures

Dara just spent the past week reminiscing on her IG! XD Awww Dara, we miss YG Family too! I do so hope that there’ll be another YG Family concert soon! We miss seeing you interacting with one another.. ❤


With Hayi and Soo hyun~ 😄#memorymonday


Cool, full of cuteness juniors ~ 😸 Winner!!! #takemebacktuesday


My friend Dong Wookie~ Se7en!!!#waybackwednesday


With YG maknaes~ With Dara noona~ 💪🏼 #throwbackthursday#goodbyeabs


With Chaerin~ 😘📷 #flashbackfriday


With Jaesuk oppa~ 😁✌🏼#sendmebacksaturday


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Instagram: Se7en Thanks Dara for Coming to See his #7TOD Performance in “Elizabeth” ~ “Thank You for the Flowers and Pudding!”

Awww Dara is so sweet! ❤ We didn’t even know she brought flowers and pudding if Se7en hadn’t mentioned it.. ❤


Came to watch the performance yesterday #Dara #Flowers and #Pudding too #Thanks #SoDelicious #Elizabeth #7TOD #Fighting


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Instagram: Sweet Dara Shows her Support for “VenTod” ~ After A Long Time! Elizabeth, Fighting!”

Yaaayyyy~ I really hoped that Dara would show her support for Se7en, and here it is.. ❤ I’m glad their friendship goes beyond YGE.. ^^ Fighting for Elizabeth, Se7en~! Elizabeth is a play and Se7en plays Der Tod, representing death.. ^^tumblr_nq1mwtCP551reg7l4o1_1280

Finally~after a long time Dara and Se7en got reunited!!!So happy~<333 Elizabeth fighting~!!!


We are~ Ven applicants!!! For support meeting ^.^ Hwaiting!!!


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News: Se7en Enlistment, “Sandara Park’s Gifts are Lotion and Lipbalm”

Se7en Enlistment, “Sandara Park’s Gifts are Lotion and Lipbalm”


On the day of Se7en‘s enlistment, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and singer Gummy, were there with him on location to send him off.

On the broadcast of SBS “Midnight TV Entertainment” on the evening of the 20th, it showed the events that happened during Se7en‘s enlistment on the 19th.

In front of the reporters who had assembled on that day, Se7en said, “Sandara Park and Gummy came along to see me off. For that, I’m very grateful,” he followed with, “To be able to do well in the military, they gave me lotion and lip balm, I’ll use it well,” he said with a laugh.

The day before enlisting, Se7en participated in a photoshoot, “During the shoot, I had my hair cut. It was really cool,” he said. The reporter then asked, “Has Park Han Byul seen how you look with your haircut?” Se7en answered with, “She hasn’t seen it, actually. Right now she’s overseas for a photoshoot. She didn’t see me yesterday,” he said.

Se7en then remarked, “I’m sorry for that I enlisted this late. I hope that all of you will live healthily while I serve in the military as a soldier, until the time I can meet you all once again as Se7en,” he said.


Source: MyDaily via Nate
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

News: Se7en “2NE1 promised to visit me in the army”

Se7en “2NE1 promised to visit me in the army”


Korean singer Se7en has proudly enlisted in the Korean army, while his dedicated fans from Japan and China came to get a glimpse of the star who will be away from the entertainment scene for the next two years.

Se7en entered a boot camp located in Uijeongbu City in Korea on March 19 to fulfill his five-week military training and serve as an active-duty soldier for the next 21 months.

The 28-year-old singer was admitted to the 306th draft, where countless Korean youngsters have burst into tears or pretended to be okay, in the midst of much media attention.

After hours of waiting, the big black van came to a front yard of the boot camp and when the R&B singer, donning all black outfits and a baseball cap, stepped out of the vehicle, flash lights from reporters and loud shouts from some 100 fans burst out simultaneously.

“I happened to be the first one to enlist in the army from YG Entertainment, so everyone at YG gathered together last week and gave me a farewell party. It was a very pleasant and happy time,” the singer said about how his firm treated him as the first artist to serve the mandatory military service.

At the reporters’ request, the “When I Can’t Sing” singer bashfully unveiled his freshly-cut short hair after he told them the self-cutting experience was “very cool.”

He also mentioned the possibility of a girl group visiting him in the military, raising expectations of 600 thousand Korean soldiers currently doing their military duty.
My close friends 2NE1 promised me to visit me in the army. To tell you the truth, my labelmates Gummy and Dara of 2NE1 accompanied me here. It is so nice of them to do so. We had lunch together a while ago, and it gave me a lot of confidence,” said the YG artist.

After expressing his gratitude to his fans from abroad, Se7en made a resolution that, “I’ll do my best as a soldier Choi Dong-wook [his real name] not as the singer Se7en for following 21 months. I hope you stay healthy and happy until I come back as Se7en again.

Thank U,” his last song before joining the army, was released on YouTube the same day with a compilation video of his ten years of activities.


Source: KStar10

Video: Media Coverage of Se7en’s Enlistment – Dara and Gummy Were Confirmed on Location

Note  that I am putting in the english translation of the video itself. ^^ MediaVop, the uploader and the one who took the video said in the comment (they deleted it an hour later): 2NE1 Sandara Park and Gummy were on location, and shared a meal with Se7en before he went to the enlistment camp. So yay, here is our confirmation that Dara and Gummy really went! ^^ I love their friendship! ❤ At 2:15-2:19, Se7en mentions that Dara and Gummy were there as well and thanked them for their support even until that moment when they went with him to the camp. ^^

Se7en Enlistment: 2NE1∙SNSD Please Come for Consolation (SE7EN joined army)

Credits: MediaVop

Article: Se7en Goes for Military Enlistment – “Thank You For All Your Support. I Will Miss All of You”

Se7en Goes for Military Enlistment – “Thank You For All Your Support. I Will Miss All of You”

Sandara Park and Gummy Rumored to Have Been in Location to See Se7en Off


On the afternoon of the 19th, singer Se7en enlisted into the army at Uijeongbu 306 Reserve.

On that day, Se7en told reporters who gathered to cover his enlistment, “As all men are mandated to join the military force, I will finally enlist. I am sorry for that I had to enlist at such a late age,” he said. He also said, “For two years, I will not be singer Se7en, but would be soldier Choi Dong Wook. I will try my best.

Although Star News reported that no YG Entertainment artists went to see Se7en off because of “security purposes” owing to the large number of fans that went to the area (though in the same article, Se7en said that they wanted to go, but YGE discouraged them to), OBS News reported thatFellow YG Entertainment artists, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Gummy, went to the location to see Se7en off. Se7en acknowledged the support of his labelmates, ‘I am grateful to my fellow artists who never stopped showing their support until this moment,’ he said.

Unfortunately, until this time, there are no pictures as of yet, to evidence that Dara and Gummy did indeed go to the location to see him off, although sources do guarantee that they can at least confirm Dara at the location. It might be that the two artists decided to stay in a safe location away from the crowds so as to keep the focus on Se7en himself, and only a few reporters noticed them. However, whichever way it is, their support for Se7en is sure.

Se7en also revealed that he would miss group 2NE1 the most. He revealed to reporters at the location that, “I will really miss 2NE1,” he said, “They are colleagues that have always been close to me,” he further states. He also revealed that, “Before I left, 2NE1 cheered me on a lot,” speaking of their close relationship.

Meanwhile, Se7en released the song, “Thank U” with an MV, in gratefulness for fans who have supported him in his 10-year career.


Article and translations by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Sources: Star News and OBS News

Twitter: Dara Tweets “#CUAgainSe7en”

Today is Se7en’s enlistment to the army. T_T We know that he and Dara are really close friends and I’m sure she will miss him a lot when he’s in the army. Dara tweeted the hashtag, “CUAgainSe7en” that fans were trending for this day, in the event of Se7en’s enlistment. She then re-tweeted Se7en’s tweet with his last MV before enlistment as a thank you for fans.



Se7en: One last gift!!! ^^ A song that came from my heart “Thank you”

And here is Se7en’s awesome, awesome song… Fair warning though, it contains lots of nostalgic scenes that would make you tear up.. And the song is even more beautiful than the MV.. T_T

SE7EN – THANK U (고마워) M/V

Credits: OfficialSe7en

Se7en-oppa, please do well in the army! Fighting! Your YG Family and us fans would be waiting patiently for your return. Until then, we will be praying for your good health and happiness.. 1..2..3..4..5..6…7!!!

Video: Dara and Se7en on Arirang’s Stars Networking Service Episode 517

They talked about Dara and Se7en’s latest Twitter convo. ^^ Their part starts at 0:39~

Credits: arirangworld

News: 2NE1’s Sandara Park congratulates Se7en’s 10th anniversary

2NE1’s Sandara Park congratulates Se7en’s 10th anniversary


2NE1’s Sandara Park congratulated Se7en for his 10th anniversary since his debut.

On March 9, Sandara uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the message, “It’s Se7en-sama’s 10th anniversary since his debut. Congratulations x 21!”

In the picture, a congratulatory flower basket for Se7en’s 10th anniversary is seen with a message on its ribbon that read, “We will be waiting for you even if you won’t be able to sing for one year and ten months, Mr. Choi, the handsome soldier. From: Luxury 2NE1.”

Netizens who saw the photo responded, “Sandara Park has such a sense for these kind of things”, “Congratulations Se7en for your 10th debut anniversary”, and more.

Meanwhile, Se7en held his concert “Thank U” at Seoul on March 9 before enlisting in the army.

At his concert, the singer made an announcement in front of the audience that his enlistment date was March 19th.


Source: AsiaToday via Nate