Se7en Goes for Military Enlistment – “Thank You For All Your Support. I Will Miss All of You”

Sandara Park and Gummy Rumored to Have Been in Location to See Se7en Off


On the afternoon of the 19th, singer Se7en enlisted into the army at Uijeongbu 306 Reserve.

On that day, Se7en told reporters who gathered to cover his enlistment, “As all men are mandated to join the military force, I will finally enlist. I am sorry for that I had to enlist at such a late age,” he said. He also said, “For two years, I will not be singer Se7en, but would be soldier Choi Dong Wook. I will try my best.

Although Star News reported that no YG Entertainment artists went to see Se7en off because of “security purposes” owing to the large number of fans that went to the area (though in the same article, Se7en said that they wanted to go, but YGE discouraged them to), OBS News reported thatFellow YG Entertainment artists, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Gummy, went to the location to see Se7en off. Se7en acknowledged the support of his labelmates, ‘I am grateful to my fellow artists who never stopped showing their support until this moment,’ he said.

Unfortunately, until this time, there are no pictures as of yet, to evidence that Dara and Gummy did indeed go to the location to see him off, although sources do guarantee that they can at least confirm Dara at the location. It might be that the two artists decided to stay in a safe location away from the crowds so as to keep the focus on Se7en himself, and only a few reporters noticed them. However, whichever way it is, their support for Se7en is sure.

Se7en also revealed that he would miss group 2NE1 the most. He revealed to reporters at the location that, “I will really miss 2NE1,” he said, “They are colleagues that have always been close to me,” he further states. He also revealed that, “Before I left, 2NE1 cheered me on a lot,” speaking of their close relationship.

Meanwhile, Se7en released the song, “Thank U” with an MV, in gratefulness for fans who have supported him in his 10-year career.


Article and translations by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Sources: Star News and OBS News

Comments on: "Article: Se7en Goes for Military Enlistment – “Thank You For All Your Support. I Will Miss All of You”" (9)

  1. The ever supportive Dara, she sees Seven as a brother. I will miss him!

  2. dara is more supportive than byul.. i’m not sure though.. 🙂

    • AlohaDara said:

      I am sure that byul has been very supportive to her sweetheart behind the scenes. it would have been devastating for se7en to keep himself together while he said goodbye to his fans.
      and the fans in Korea are very possessive and unpredictable. Take care se7en, be safe till we see you again!

  3. i cant stop crying………..T_T….seven oppa i will miss you…

  4. lougee27 said:

    Oh I feel so sad almost at the verge of crying. I don’t know but my heart aches just thinking that i can’t see him for two year. and seeing 2ne1’s messages and support made me feel even emotional. I am wondering right now what 2ne1 feels at this moment.. ughh too much of being a fan.. OMG!

  5. darkymiza88dara said:

    He still looks as handsome as ever even if he’s enlisting. Honestly, the Dimple Leader didn’t even looked the same. While Seven, he seems to be going on a movie shoot. 🙂

  6. lougee27 said:

    I am really emotional today.

  7. Still crying!!!!!! 😦

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