Today is Se7en’s enlistment to the army. T_T We know that he and Dara are really close friends and I’m sure she will miss him a lot when he’s in the army. Dara tweeted the hashtag, “CUAgainSe7en” that fans were trending for this day, in the event of Se7en’s enlistment. She then re-tweeted Se7en’s tweet with his last MV before enlistment as a thank you for fans.



Se7en: One last gift!!! ^^ A song that came from my heart “Thank you”

And here is Se7en’s awesome, awesome song… Fair warning though, it contains lots of nostalgic scenes that would make you tear up.. And the song is even more beautiful than the MV.. T_T

SE7EN – THANK U (고마워) M/V

Credits: OfficialSe7en

Se7en-oppa, please do well in the army! Fighting! Your YG Family and us fans would be waiting patiently for your return. Until then, we will be praying for your good health and happiness.. 1..2..3..4..5..6…7!!!

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Tweets “#CUAgainSe7en”" (6)

  1. lougee27 said:

    waaahhhh i’ve been listening to this song since this morning non stop. The article is right the song is far more beautiful and meaningful than the music video itself. There is no subs but still i can feel the message that he wants to convery even if i can’t understand the whole songs meaning. The way he sang it is full of emotions, mixed inf act sad, grateful and full of love.
    I feel so sad that he is living. really! I think he is one of the most talented singer out there i don’t want to call him an idol coz as per korean context he is far more than an idol. He is a real talent. OMG why so serious?? LOL Sorry i think i wrote an essay for this article.. LOL. God bless everyone

  2. I was fine up until the end where he smiled and walked away! It was then that I realized that he is really leaving! 😦 I’m crying like a baby!!!!!! 😦

    GOOD LUCK SE7EN!!!!!!

  3. AlohaDara said:

    it must be raindrops flowing from my eyes. Thank you Dara for sharing this video with us. What a great man who will be sorely missed. Prayers will be with you till you come safely home again!

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