Awww Dara is so sweet! ❤ We didn’t even know she brought flowers and pudding if Se7en hadn’t mentioned it.. ❤


Came to watch the performance yesterday #Dara #Flowers and #Pudding too #Thanks #SoDelicious #Elizabeth #7TOD #Fighting


Source: se7enofficial

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Se7en Thanks Dara for Coming to See his #7TOD Performance in “Elizabeth” ~ “Thank You for the Flowers and Pudding!”" (1)

  1. A very loyal friend,that’s one reason why i love this pretty girl.wish you more luck in your career as an actress,although i really miss 2NE1,PLEASE COMEBACK 2NE1 FOR ANOTHER U.S. TOUR.

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