OhMyGoddess, thank you so much for these scans.. ❤ This photoshoot is surely on top of my favorite Dara photoshoots of all time.. ❤ God bless Vogue Girl.. ❤ Coincidentally, 2NE1’s group photoshoot with Vogue Girl back in 2009 is one of my favorites as well!

THE FRECKLES IN THIS PIC~! Love, love, love! Dara looks so pretty with them.. ❤ I know they’re fake, but they suit her so well.. ❤BkynmCf Gorgeous Dara is oh so gorgeous.. T_T She really has a model/goddess aura.. ❤t2TgP9Z Hello there island princess Dara! ❤

dsHlVSgHer gaze kills me.. Every single time.. I love her outfit! Everything is on freaking point! ❤


More under the cut! ❤

Dara casually hanging out, looking like a larger-than-life model, like it’s no big deal, slaying us all.. TT


“Let me casually hang out with these giant surfboards, while looking perfect”.. ❤


Dresssssss~! So simple, yet so good on her! I love how it was paired with sneakers though.. ❤




wAuda8s jbJUYL0 ntN9d3E




Source: GoddessDara.com

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: HQ/HD OhMyGoddess Scans of Island Goddess Dara for Vogue Girl Korea, July 2015 Issue ~ “Hawaiian Blues”" (5)

  1. Is this a scan from the magazine itself? The filter kinda ruins the photos.

  2. sipthetruth said:

    LOL! You high? There is no way IU looks like Dara, i mean dont get me wrong but IU is cutesy type. Dara has this beauty that goes way beyond that, no KPOP visual even comes close to how gorgeous she is. Even with all the ugly styling and hairstyles. Dara slays every other visual out there. IU? vs. Dara? Well its a landslide result for DARA. Just sayin

  3. alohadara said:

    IU is a natural beauty too but there is no comparison. Even if you style Dara like IU it wouldnt be fair to IU. Because Dara’s beauty always outshines.

    My least favorite was the freckles. Real freckles on someone is cute. But because its fake, it mared a perfect picture of Dara.

  4. not an I.U fan am not really said:

    the one with the hat kinda looks I.U-ish to me and cant get why it looked that way maybe the angle is bad..dara looking like I.U is bad bad bad vogue girl hatin’ you!

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