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Photos: HQ/HD OhMyGoddess Scans of Island Goddess Dara for Vogue Girl Korea, July 2015 Issue ~ “Hawaiian Blues”

OhMyGoddess, thank you so much for these scans.. ❤ This photoshoot is surely on top of my favorite Dara photoshoots of all time.. ❤ God bless Vogue Girl.. ❤ Coincidentally, 2NE1’s group photoshoot with Vogue Girl back in 2009 is one of my favorites as well!

THE FRECKLES IN THIS PIC~! Love, love, love! Dara looks so pretty with them.. ❤ I know they’re fake, but they suit her so well.. ❤BkynmCf Gorgeous Dara is oh so gorgeous.. T_T She really has a model/goddess aura.. ❤t2TgP9Z Hello there island princess Dara! ❤

dsHlVSgHer gaze kills me.. Every single time.. I love her outfit! Everything is on freaking point! ❤


More under the cut! ❤