Yaaayyyy~ I really hoped that Dara would show her support for Se7en, and here it is.. ❤ I’m glad their friendship goes beyond YGE.. ^^ Fighting for Elizabeth, Se7en~! Elizabeth is a play and Se7en plays Der Tod, representing death.. ^^tumblr_nq1mwtCP551reg7l4o1_1280

Finally~after a long time Dara and Se7en got reunited!!!So happy~<333 Elizabeth fighting~!!!


We are~ Ven applicants!!! For support meeting ^.^ Hwaiting!!!


Source: daraxxi

Translated by: Hannah@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Sweet Dara Shows her Support for “VenTod” ~ After A Long Time! Elizabeth, Fighting!”" (4)

  1. I was also upset about the IG drama when Dara didn’t even do anything. I just wish people would do a bit of research before writing anything damaging.

  2. mommybeth714 said:

    well-said….. @ygbiasedassed

  3. ysabelle said:

    i thought this articles make me giddy coz i really miss their friendship but after reading your post about what Minzy did,,,,im so upset,,,im not hating Minzy but starting to hate YG for letting this happen to them,,,Gummy, Se7en and now rumor about 2ne1 is getting real …after 2ne1 making his company be known WORLDWIDE, he just letting them like this,,, so disappointed,,,, i don’t want 2ne1 to break up, i don’t want Dara leaving YG,,,but after these …im hoping Dara will find a TRUE HOME who will really support and help her to her career,,

  4. ygbiasedassed said:

    Its sad that people have been flooding Dara’s Ig with accusatory remarks regarding her unfollowing Minzy. When the truth is it was minzy who ‘blocked’ her first, only for Minzy to follow her again after a few hours. But im pretty sure its unintentional on Minzy’s part either. I dont just lie seeing people accusing Dara when she did NOTHING wrong. Because fist, when someone BLOCKS you from IG your account will automatically unfollow that person. And thats NOT Dara’s fault. But people in he IG comments are accusing her. So please just please Daralings. Flood her IG comments with love and block or report the haters. Dont bash minzy either, practice manners and level-headedness. Thank you!

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