Note  that I am putting in the english translation of the video itself. ^^ MediaVop, the uploader and the one who took the video said in the comment (they deleted it an hour later): 2NE1 Sandara Park and Gummy were on location, and shared a meal with Se7en before he went to the enlistment camp. So yay, here is our confirmation that Dara and Gummy really went! ^^ I love their friendship! ❤ At 2:15-2:19, Se7en mentions that Dara and Gummy were there as well and thanked them for their support even until that moment when they went with him to the camp. ^^

Se7en Enlistment: 2NE1∙SNSD Please Come for Consolation (SE7EN joined army)

Credits: MediaVop

Comments on: "Video: Media Coverage of Se7en’s Enlistment – Dara and Gummy Were Confirmed on Location" (4)

  1. nikonpreap said:

    what about his girlfriend? did she go aswell?

  2. Reblogged this on hartfillia and commented:
    you shuld also add ren frm nuest and chanyeol as fanboys

  3. really love their friendship…that’s all i can say…..goodluck to seven,,,and i’m looking forward for 2ne1 to visit him…and see dara wear pretty short skirt,,,lol

  4. lougee27 said:

    my instinct did not fail me. I know they are really there

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