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Official/Videos: 2NE1 Reveals “Falling In Love,” “Do You Love Me,” “Missing You,” “Happy,” “Gotta Be You,” and “Come Back Home” Japanese PVs Short Version

Ooooh! They finally released a Japanese PV, only a short version though! Falling In Love in Japanese is addicting too! ^_^

Yey to more official videos! ❤







Credits: 2NE1

Instagram: CL Shares a Photo with Dara from 2NE1’s “Falling in Love” MV Set

Credit: chaelin_cl@instagram

Video: Sarah Geronimo Jams to “Falling in Love” While Shooting Kakao Talk CF

Sarah Geronimo shooting the CF for “Kakao Talk” Philippines, while listening to Kpop music! ^^ “Falling In Love” comes at around 1:42 and 3:35.. ^^ It’s so cute when she started to dance to the song, it seems that she’s so familiar with it. ^^

Sarah Geronimo fun and relaxed photoshoot!

Credits: Viva Ent

Video: 2NE1’s Message to Hong Kong Blackjacks

Our girls looking fab! I think this was taken after an Inkigayo recording? ^^

2NE1’s Message to Hongkong Blackjacks

Credits: warnermusichk

Official/Video: 2NE1 “Falling In Love” MV Making Film with English Subs

OH MY GHAD you guys! I am drowning in feels! Thank you, thank you for this YG Entertainment! ^_^ They must know that Blackjacks are down that we can only see the girls on Inkigayo this week to make way for their preparation for A-Nation. T_T But, but, but! This video is just so adorable and I am so happy to see 2NE1 close interactions with each other and love for their work! ❤ 

Some highlights: GLORIOUSSS Dara close-up shots! ❤ The fact that they filmed the chorus in the gold, white outfits scene! XD Oh! CL and Bommie teasing “Queen of SNS” Dara not to do the “me2day pose” (the hiding behind the palm tree that she did before while she filmed for Etude’s Aloha campaign).. ❤ And ahhh! Dara catching mosquitoes! LOLOL! XD And the best part: ENGLISH SUBS! ❤

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE M/V Making Film

Credits: 2NE1

Feature: Sandara Park VS Model, Boldly Cut White Outfit “Who Looked Better?”

Sandara Park VS Model, Boldly Cut White Outfit “Who Looked Better?”


Girl group 2NE1 member Sandara Park becomes a hot topic once more as she was compared to foreign models and came out holding her own look and having a figure that does not show any form of inferiority. Both Sandara Park and the foreign model wore the same clothes, but gave off a different atmosphere, making it a hot topic.

Recently making a comeback after two years with their song, “Falling In Love,” 2NE1 member Sandara Park drew attention with her boldly cut white outfit, as revealed to the public through the music video and promotional pictures. Her outstanding fashion and the fact that she was able to pull off the outfit drew much applause.

Her white outfit, which drew attention with the strategically placed cuts and see-through areas in the outfit, gave off a playfully coy and provocative, yet charming appeal. Her long, blonde hair which she wore straight down, added to her feminine charm, while her gold accessories left a stylish impression.

On the other hand, Sandara Park was compared favorably to a foreign model, wearing the same clothes as her, in the same white color, with minimum amount of accessories, and with her hair in a pony-tail hairstyle, leaving a neat impression. Matched with white, strapped shoes that gave off a sharp line, gave off a charismatic atmosphere.

Netizens who saw the pictures of Sandara Park faced off with the foreign model, responded with, “Sandara Park matches just as well with her blonde hair, as she did with her shaved hair before,” “I doubt that my visuals would be the same as hers when I get to the same age,” “Sandara Park gave off a neat, yet hot appeal, a bit like the model,” “A completely fashion-forward person,” “The outfit is a bit unconventional,” “Sandara Park has the ability to make any clothes look good,” “Looking chic,” showing a their various reactions.


Sources: Nate 1, 2, 3

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Video: 130722 Falling In Love Comeback Stage Behind The Scenes at M!Countdown

2NE1’s first performance stage for “Falling In Love.” And I remember being so glad that they didn’t make Dara wear the silver cropped blouse from the MV, and how I rejoiced when I saw how the pink blouse matched so well with her blonde locks! ❤

The girls slayed the performance though! So happy to see them relaxed and attentive at the same time, behind the stage. ^^

130722 Falling In Love Comeback Stage Behind The Scenes at M!Countdown

Credits: uthinkwhoiam

Photos: 13028 Official Pics of Colorful 2NE1 During Inkigayo Encore Stage

Dara changed from her matching shorts, to a cute striped skirt! ❤ Her outfit still works, love it! ❤ Our girls really fit the summer vibe of the sone with their cute, colorful outfits! Love their smiles all throughout. ^_^

The post on SBS’s website was titled “Infinite VS Ailee VS 2NE1” ^_^





Source: SBS Gayo

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: Fancam of 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” Performance at MuCore “Ulsan Summer Festival”

That moment when fancams take better footage than the official broadcast. Kekeke! ^^ And we can hear the screams more properly too. ^^

130727 Falling in love-2ne1 : Music Core “Ulsan Summer Festival”

Credits: 먼지 강

Photos: 130727 HQ Fantaken Pics of 2NE1 Performing for Music Core in Ulsan

Aww the girls are just so cute with their outfits for this performance! ^^ And love how energetic and fun they look on stage. ^^




Source: dcMunzy Naver Blog

Re-uploaded by: OhDara