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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “Today was our last broadcast for ‘Falling in Love’~”

Awww, today was the goodbye stage for ‘Falling In Love’~ T_T But they’ll come back soon! And we will patiently wait!!! ^__^


DARA: Today was our last broadcast for ‘Falling in Love’ ^.^ It’s been a short but fun time!!! Sob sob sob… I’ll miss it ㅠ.ㅠ The last one…But we’ll come back soon so ㅋㅋㅋ Just wait a little bit! ^.* Wink!!!


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @saraseoul

Fancam: 130727 2NE1 Performing ‘#FallingInLove’ At MBC’s Summer Festival 2013 in Ulsan

I really love that dress on Dara! She looks so preppy and cute! ^__^ <333

Credits: kibon2000

News: “Falling in Love” by 2NE1 is Number One on China Weekly Music Video Site

“Falling in Love” by 2NE1 is Number One on China Weekly Music Video Site


[OSEN=Lee Hye-rin] Popular girl group 2NE1‘s music video for their new song “Falling in Love” has made it to numer one in China’s music video site Yinyuetai.

2NE1 recently took the top spot in the site, getting a green light for their future activities in China.

YG is currently taking strides to enter China. It will establish a Chinese branch within the year, and on July 24 it opened its official channel in Youku, the largest video site in the great China region with the aim of beginning hallyu marketing with Samsung Electronics.

On July 24 at 3 p.m. (local time), CEO Yang Min-suk held an agreement ceremony in Beijing’s Conrad Hotel with Youku Tudou’s Chief Content Officer Xiangyang Zhu and China’s Samsung Electronics Marketing Director Park Jung-jun, agreeing to establish the “YG Family Channel” in the Youku Tudou site.

YG plans to exclusively provide premium contents to the great China region through Youku including music videos of label artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY, etc. as well as interviews, making-of videos, Big Bang world tour documentaries and more.

Falling in Love” is a reggae song written by Teddy that showcases 2NE1‘s cute and feminine charms as opposed to their usual fierce, charismatic side. The song was also chosen as the “Song of the Summer” by MTV online on July 22.

Credits: Naver Star Cast

Photos: 130721 Gorgeous 2NE1’s Official Pictures from First SBS Inkigayo Win for “Falling In Love”

Congratulations girls!!!! Woohoo! ❤ You girls rock the stage everytime and give such a fun performance, and just enjoy the stage, that people looking at you, enjoy it too! ❤

And how gorgeous is Sandara Park in this pic? Her skin quite literally glows! ❤


Park sisters haveing fun with Kwanghee! ❤


And Dara having fun playing with Bommie’s cape! LMAO these two so cute! ^^


My pretty, pretty Double Park standing so close together! So beautiful. T_T


Congratulations girls! They looked quite shocked at first! Kekeke! Then went full-blown happy! ❤




Instagram: Designer Kesh Uploads a Pic of 2NE1’s “Tour Outfits”

Kesh so proud of our girls wearing her designs. ^^



#2NE1 TOUR OUTFITS #keshamericanapparel


Source: KESH Instagram

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Audio: 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” Awesome MR, Acapella, and Instrumental Versions

This is 2NE1’s “pre-recorded” music when they perform. The music that you hear, overlaid with voices. In particular, you can hear that there’s a “second voice” or “alto” in Minzy’s second verse and Dara’s bridge parts. People on YouTube are saying that it’s Lydia Paek who did the second voice in Minzy’s parts, but you can clearly, clearly hear Dara’s voice doing the second voice in her own bridge parts. ^^ I am super, super excited and proud of Dara for this because doing second voice is hard, specially if you know the melody of the song, it’s hard to remember the notes to make the second voice stand out and not get lost in the melody. Haha! I know because I’m alto/second voice in our church’s music team and am training still to do it well. ^_^ But Dara did really awesomely! So proud of her! ❤

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE (Music Recorded)

And this is 2NE1’s Acapella, without the music, just their voices.. ^^

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE (Acapella)   

And the instruments! I play the bass guitar, so I’m so happy to hear the bass tones!

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE (Instrumental)   

Credits: muffingalzz3

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE AR , INST , MR , ACCA Ver. now available on YG Music =>

News: 2NE1’s Falling In Love, MTV Song Of The Summer

2NE1’s Falling In Love, MTV Song Of The Summer


[OSEN= Lim Young Jin] MTV IGGY in the United States chose 2NE1’s ‘Falling In Love’ as this year’s Song of the Summer.

On 22nd, online, MTV announced that they have chosen ‘Falling In Love’ as Song of the Summer.

Falling In Love’ could win the honor despite the competition with other competitive songs which were Bunji Garlin’s ‘Differentology’, Tifa’s ‘Champion Bubbler,’ and so on.

It is the second time 2NE1 receives an award from MTV IGGY. The first award received was ‘Best New Band in The World’ in 2011.

Comments on ‘Falling In Love’ compliment the song on the great combination of reggae and hip hop which goes well with summer beach parties. Indeed, 2NE1 boasts their luxury and sexy charm with the golden background in the music video which stimulates associations with beach and Egypt.

Earlier, after 2NE1 released ‘Falling In Love,’ the media in the United States including MTV and Billboard made favorable comments on the song in that the song has high musical value since K-pop mixed with reggae is quite new.

Credits: Naver Star Cast

Photos: Official SBS Pictures of Adorable 2NE1 After their Inkigayo Win!

The girls are too cute, cute, cute! ❤ Their smiles are love! Kekeke! ❤ Congratulations on your win, girls! ❤



Credits: SBS

Feature: 2NE1′s “Falling In Love” is MTV Iggy’s Song of the Summer


2NE1′s “Falling In Love” is MTV Iggy’s Song of the Summer



Bunji Garlin – “Differentology” and Tifa – “Champion Bubbler” fans put up a decent fight, but 2NE1 are MTV Iggy’s reigning queens once more! Former Best New Band in The World, 2NE1′s CL, Dara, Minzy, and Park Bom once again show off their fierce allure in recent hit, “Falling in Love,” MTV Iggy’s 2013 Song of the Summer.

The reggae-inspired hip-hop track is the perfect accompaniment for a summer beach party. It’s laid-back music video alternates between shots of the members lounging in the solid gold lap of luxury and flirty scenes with model-turned-actors Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun.

 Credits: MTV Iggy

Twitter: Actor Han Seon Woo Congratulates 2NE1 on their MuCore Win ~ Gets an Invitation to Act in Double Park TV!

Aww this is cute! Han Seon Woo is Bommie’s partner in “You&I” MV! ❤

Dara must’ve gotten to know him during Bom’s “You&I” MV shoot! Knowing supportive Darong, I bet she went to support her Park sister as she shot the MV! ^^


HAN SEON WOO: 2NE1, congratulations for getting number 1!! Darong-noona, Baem-noona (T/N: That’s one of Bom’s nicknames) congratulations, congratulations!! In the future as well!!

DARA: Wah! Thank you ^_^ Looking forward to the good works from Han-actor as well~~~

HAN SEON WOO: Continuously get number 1 in the future also, noona!! Fighting ^^* Ttiririttattattittatti!! Double Park TV is daebakk as well!!

DARA: Oh!!! Would you like to appear once in Double Park TV?!? It’s an instinct move from Public Relations General Manager ㅋㅋㅋ You&I parody go go go~~~

HAN SEON WOO: Whoo!! It would be an honor!! Noona!! I will do the role of a manager carrying a chick bag!! Ho ho

This is Han Seon Woo from Bommie’s “You&I” MV! ^^



Source: @krungy21 @srmj3302

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara