Congratulations girls!!!! Woohoo! ❤ You girls rock the stage everytime and give such a fun performance, and just enjoy the stage, that people looking at you, enjoy it too! ❤

And how gorgeous is Sandara Park in this pic? Her skin quite literally glows! ❤


Park sisters haveing fun with Kwanghee! ❤


And Dara having fun playing with Bommie’s cape! LMAO these two so cute! ^^


My pretty, pretty Double Park standing so close together! So beautiful. T_T


Congratulations girls! They looked quite shocked at first! Kekeke! Then went full-blown happy! ❤



So chill waiting for the results, doing poses and having fun together. ^^ Love how the girls always look surprised and grateful every time they win! You can always see the happy smiles on their faces! I am glad that they didn’t lose the humility that they had when they were still rookies. ^^ 

And Minzy’s hair is still black in the first few pictures, then suddenly, she’s wearing the pink wig again! Kekekeke! XDDD








Source: SBS Inkigayo

RE-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 130721 Gorgeous 2NE1’s Official Pictures from First SBS Inkigayo Win for “Falling In Love”" (3)

  1. Dear friend!

    Are you still looking for that stuff? I think I’ve just seen something you may like, look

    Sent from a prehistoric stone tablet, Doris Han

  2. Sunrise Angel said:

    Our Dee is such a cutie pie<3333

  3. The girls are very happy…wow :)) congrats QUEEN of KPOP.. :)) triple

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