This is 2NE1’s “pre-recorded” music when they perform. The music that you hear, overlaid with voices. In particular, you can hear that there’s a “second voice” or “alto” in Minzy’s second verse and Dara’s bridge parts. People on YouTube are saying that it’s Lydia Paek who did the second voice in Minzy’s parts, but you can clearly, clearly hear Dara’s voice doing the second voice in her own bridge parts. ^^ I am super, super excited and proud of Dara for this because doing second voice is hard, specially if you know the melody of the song, it’s hard to remember the notes to make the second voice stand out and not get lost in the melody. Haha! I know because I’m alto/second voice in our church’s music team and am training still to do it well. ^_^ But Dara did really awesomely! So proud of her! ❤

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE (Music Recorded)

And this is 2NE1’s Acapella, without the music, just their voices.. ^^

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE (Acapella)   

And the instruments! I play the bass guitar, so I’m so happy to hear the bass tones!

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE (Instrumental)   

Credits: muffingalzz3

2NE1 – FALLING IN LOVE AR , INST , MR , ACCA Ver. now available on YG Music =>

Comments on: "Audio: 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” Awesome MR, Acapella, and Instrumental Versions" (14)

  1. No doubt about Dara’s voice there….I think that I,too, have been a fan for so long that the recognition is like a reflex.

  2. ah dara’s 2nd voice!! heavenly!! ^^

  3. Sunrise Angel said:

    Better than gangnam style!!!! XP

  4. 2:49 to 3:11 is clearly dara

  5. Sandara Stark said:

    That’s definitely Dara’s second voice on the bridge part. You can tell from the intonation and color of the vocals.

  6. I tried listening to the part and can’t really pinpoint Dara’s voice…it sounds really different.

    • me too… i tries listening several times.. i dont thinks its dara,,,,TT….

    • i mean tried…..

    • Sandara Stark said:

      Really? It came so easy to me! Wow! Maybe because I’ve been listening to her solo singing voice since 2004 so I’m more familiar with it. It’s like embedded there in my psyche! Haha

    • Are you sure you are looking at the part which everyone is talking about?.. the part that is obviously Dara is the ragae part..She is singing as a second voice for her self..does that make sense?..It is very easy to recognize her voice and it is definitely NOT lydia..I do think however Lydia is the one singing behind Minzy..

      • yes thats what im trying to say… cause everyone is saying that its dara singing behind minzy which i think its not…her part is def dara though….

        • Well that is weird cause it doesn’t seem like Dara is singing Minzy’s part..its pretty obvious actually…But reading the YT comments, I think they are talking about the bridge b/c some people said it was Lydia singing that part as well which is not correct.

  7. daisang said:

    dara’s angelic voice…..they are all daebak!

  8. wow,,,,,,,,its awesome…i love dara’s voice…

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