Hey guys! ^_^ Here are photos of San Union’s food project for 2NE1’s “Falling In Love” Comeback!

San Union is composed of OH MY GODDESS, Oh Dara, We Love Dara, Baidu Sandara Bar China, The Dearest Dara, Parkers Sandara and ForeverWithDara.

The food was delivered last July 20, 2013 for 2NE1’s performance in Music Core! ^_^

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to OH MY GODDESS, @OMG_SANDAR for making this project possible and as well as our super duper awesome DONORS!!! Thank you so much! This project would not have been possible without you guys! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We hope that we have made Dara and Daralings happy with this project! ^_^

Here’s to more in the future!





And Dara tweeted about it! ^_^

San Union


Comments on: "Admin Post: San Union Project for 2NE1’s Comeback" (10)

  1. kudos to all who made this possible!..the food looks yummy and nutritious..i hope you will continue to feed 2NE1 with healthy foods especially Dara unnie who likes to eat ramen! kekeke..but seriously, eating Ramen is not good for your health so please unnie set aside those Ramen and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. ^^

  2. gemski23 said:

    WoW! Awesome job for the Oh Dara’s website and etc.!!!!!! Two thumbs up!!!!

  3. wow! Dara’s fansclub are awesome! very cooperative and creative fansclub.. i love you all guys!!!! Godbless!

  4. Jonna SJ said:

    DARALINGS and BLACKJACKS are daebak!!!

  5. angel's wings said:

    good job! it’s an honor to be even just a fan of dara and 2ne1… thankful to admin for giving us wonderful news about dara… goodluck! hope i could thank you personally soon (m in south korea in nov… ♥♥♥)

  6. The food looks so delicious and so healthy! Good job San Union! Looking forward to your future projects! We’ll be here to support!

  7. AlohaDara said:

    Thank you so much to all involved with the San Unions Project. The pictures show the love and thoughtfulness you have for Dara 2NE1 and staff. You are indeed angels with hearts of gold!
    Love this new boarder with angel, classy and sexy Dara surrounded by gold!

  8. ooh why san union food always looks so delicious..kekeke thank you for always LOVE our DARA.. TT^TT

  9. Daralings are jjangs!to the admin and to all donors you are all the best!!

  10. omg…im proud to be dara’s fan…to all dara’s fanclub ur so awesome…good job guys…goddess dee..i love u

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