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Twitter: Actor Han Seon Woo Congratulates 2NE1 on their MuCore Win ~ Gets an Invitation to Act in Double Park TV!

Aww this is cute! Han Seon Woo is Bommie’s partner in “You&I” MV! ❤

Dara must’ve gotten to know him during Bom’s “You&I” MV shoot! Knowing supportive Darong, I bet she went to support her Park sister as she shot the MV! ^^


HAN SEON WOO: 2NE1, congratulations for getting number 1!! Darong-noona, Baem-noona (T/N: That’s one of Bom’s nicknames) congratulations, congratulations!! In the future as well!!

DARA: Wah! Thank you ^_^ Looking forward to the good works from Han-actor as well~~~

HAN SEON WOO: Continuously get number 1 in the future also, noona!! Fighting ^^* Ttiririttattattittatti!! Double Park TV is daebakk as well!!

DARA: Oh!!! Would you like to appear once in Double Park TV?!? It’s an instinct move from Public Relations General Manager ㅋㅋㅋ You&I parody go go go~~~

HAN SEON WOO: Whoo!! It would be an honor!! Noona!! I will do the role of a manager carrying a chick bag!! Ho ho

This is Han Seon Woo from Bommie’s “You&I” MV! ^^



Source: @krungy21 @srmj3302

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara