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Video: PlayMnet’s EngSub Vid of M!Countdown Performers ~ Dara’s Promise to Break Dance During 2NE1’s Next Win!

Dara with her half-half hair and her, Bom, and Minzy celebrating 2NE1’s first M!Countdown win! ^_^ Check 2NE1’s parts out at 4:47 and 9:25 marks!

[ENGSUB] Sandara Park promised to do break dancing when 2NE1 takes the 1st place again!

Credits: PlayMnet

Photos: 140327 Press Pictures of Dara, Bom, and Minzy with Handsome Thunder at M!Countdown Encore Stage

More pictures still came out today! XD Again, congratulations girls! Thank you for working so hard! ❤ And how cute is Cheondoongie?! ❤






And yes, LMAO, Dispatch actually made a GIF out of this part of the encore. XD Arm curls Dara! XD


More pictures at the gallery after the cut!


Video: 140327 #2NE1 Performs #COMEBACKHOME on Mnet M!Countdown

The girls rocked the stage! Even though they’ve been working non-stop, they still give their all and enjoy the stage, not just for themselves but for all the fans watching as well! Fighting girls! 

[Live_HD] 140327 2NE1 – Come Back Home

Credits: QTDPRO KMusic Live

Photos: Naver Star Cast Goes Behind-The-Scenes for 2NE1’s Preparation for their First M!Countdown Stage and YHY SKetchbook Guesting

Woohoo, behind the scenes! ❤ So very beautiful.. T_T Loving her casual, feminine look, and equally loving her blue-haired, badass, fierce look! ❤ Our Dara chameleon! ❤ Naver Star Cast and YG Life would be uploading this article soon, so watch out for it! ❤

Dara preparing for their very first stage in M!Countdown!


Dara all dressed up and ready to roll for YHY Sketchbook!



Photos: 140320 More Press Pictures of Fun Dara, Bom, and Minzy at M!Countdown Encore

2NE1 looked like they had so much fun! Hahaha, go go go girls! ❤





More pictures after the cut!


Photos: 140320 More Pictures of Double Park During their Interview on M!Countdown

Our girls so cute! ❤ Park sisters being interviewed by taller, younger guys, looking oh so adorable! ❤




Omo Bommie-unnie, why are you making that expression? XDDD And the other three look so serious! XDDD


More pics after the cut! (more…)

Twitter: Dara (Krungy21) – Applause to Miss Bom for keeping her promise to tumble if we won 1st at M Countdown~”

Bom so cute and yes applause to her for keeping her promise and Dara most be missing CL already…:)

bom and dara

 Applause to Miss Bom for keeping her promise to tumble if we won 1st at M Countdown~” I want to share the happiness with Chaerin who wasnt here due to her busy schedule^.^ 2NE1 Nolza~!!!


Source: @krungy21

Trans: @kristinekwak

Video: 2NE1 in M!Countdown’s Teaser for March 13, 2014 Episode

Woohoo! 2NE1~! Fighting! ^^

엠카운트다운 370회 예고/ M COUNTDOWN Teaser (2014.03.13)

Credits: PlayMnet

Video: 2NE1 Teaser Video for their Comeback Stage on M! Countdown

[엠카140306] 2NE1+Toheart(인피니트(INFINITE) 우현+SHINee Key) – 다음 주 컴백 예고


Source: shu35150510·

Photo: Signed 2NE1 Polaroid Taken During Last M!Countdown Stage

Oh this is nice! ❤ Taken during their last stage on M!Countdown, I believe. ^^



Source: @rudwn4606

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