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Photos: 140823 Fun Pictures of 2NE1 Ships During their Thailand Concert ~ “DarLin/ Park Sisters/ DaMin” OT4!

Because 2NE1 x 2NE1 is my OTP, here be the state of the ships in Bangkok, Thailand! ❤

Hubby CL with her arm around wifey Dara’s shoulder! ❤




Adorable DarMin! ❤ Fake and real maknaeeee! Their moments are precious because their moments are more sparse compared to the other two, but they are oh so sweet! ❤


See what I mean? Who’s the real maknae between you two? XD



And of course, here’s Park Sisters/ Double Park! ❤




Twitter: Appreciative Dara is Happy with Volume Up Tuesday Night Fanart ~ “With Bom-Yang Who Lifted Up My Spirits!”

Dara really loves  ‘s fanart! And I can’t blame her, they’re so cute! And detaied too! ❤ Waahhh! She asked if there was going to be a fanart from second night, and here it is! ❤Bo2_aVQCIAAGN1q


DalD whose spirits were lifted up on Tuesday with the appearance of Park Bom-yang~!!! It really looks exactly like the real people!!! Ah, so cute >.< #DoublePark #VolumeUp 


Source: @krungy21

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Video: 140527 Fancams of Double Park Working Hard for “Volume Up”

Weee! Blackjacks supporting Double Park! ❤

140527 Volume Up – DARA

140527 Volume Up – BOM

Credits: myminzy21

Photos: 140525 MQ Fantaken Pics of Double Park at KLIA Airport Going Back to Korea

Dara and Bom went back to Korea together! CL and Minzy went earlier, but separately. ^_^

BogmxAyIMAE8SI1.jpg large

Boglp6LIIAA3y2V.jpg large

Bogmw8OIQAEk7XB.jpg large

Boglp5tIAAIBFEl.jpg large

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Photos: 140407 Fantaken Pics of 2NE1 Filming for Running Man~ So Excited for This!

WAAAAHHHHH!!!! The girls are going to be on Running Man again! I enjoyed their last guesting so much, I am so so so looking forward to this! ❤ And oh! They’re also filming with another idol group, 2PM! I wonder how our girls will interact with the guys? XD I think Park sisters stayed together for a task (?) while Minzy was with another group of people, and CL with another. ^_^ But all the girls belong to the same team, Green. ^_^







Twitter: MBC Twitter Account Shares a Picture of Double Park and Maknae Line for “Hope Song” Guesting

Our girls be looking fresh and cool in their casual, comfy, yet fashionable outfits! ^^ Dara in her youthful apple hair, Bom in her oversized, gray beanie, Minzy with her cool Star Wars cap, and CL-roo with her eyeglasses. ^^





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Photos: 140320 More Pictures of Double Park During their Interview on M!Countdown

Our girls so cute! ❤ Park sisters being interviewed by taller, younger guys, looking oh so adorable! ❤




Omo Bommie-unnie, why are you making that expression? XDDD And the other three look so serious! XDDD


More pics after the cut! (more…)

Official/ Video: Double Park Dara and Bom’s Fun, Informative Press Conference ~ 2NE1 World Tour and New Single!

OMG such a fun, fun, fun press conference! Dara and Bom’s antics are hilarious, and yaaayyy, finally some more info about the girls! First off, they will be releasing their MV for their new single, “I Miss You” at November 21, 12:00MN! ^^ Who else is excited to hear their new song?! /raises hands

Second, they will be having a world tour again next year. Countries mentioned are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, their kickoff of course, will be in Seoul. ^^ 

All such good news! But when asked about their new album, Bommie just said that she didn’t know when it’ll come out. T_T

2NE1 – double park ‘urgent press conference’

Credits: 2NE1

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News: Bom and Dara’s Enthusiastic Promotion for WIN’s New Soundtrack “Now Playing All Songs”

BOM & DARA’s enthusiastic promotion for WIN’s new soundtrack, “Now Playing All Songs”


[TV리포트=김가영 기자] The soundtrack of ‘WIN’ was revealed, and 2NE1’s BOM and DARA sent enthusiastic messages cheering on the members.

On Oct 28, BOM tweeted, “The members of ’WIN’ released their soundtrack. There are some songs involving Teddy as well. I’m now playing all the songs.” DARA also tweeted on the new soundtrack, “Wow. It’s good, very good. Mm-hmm.”

On Oct 25, the last episode of Mnet’s ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’ was aired, featuring the final battle. On the day, Teams A and B performed missions consisting of self-composed song and remaking a song. The 4 songs that were showcased are now released as a soundtrack of the members.

Team A’s title song ‘GO UP’ was written by Kang Seung Yoon, Lee Seung Hoon and Song Min Ho, while jointly composed by Kang Seung Yoon and Song Min Ho. The lyrics hold a hopeful message of “climbing to the top.”

Team B’s title song ‘CLIMAX’ was co-written by B.I., Kim Jin Hwan, Song Yoon Hyun, Koo Jun Hoe and Kim Dong Hyuk, while composed by B.I. and Bobby. The addictive melody in the latter part and its powerful rap is what attract the attention of the listeners.

Apart from the two songs, two versions of Teddy’s remade song ‘Just Another Boy’ are also included in the soundtrack.

Credits: YG-Life

[STARCAST] “Promo Rep Dara Report” Behind-the-scenes story of Double Park TV Ep. 1 –part 2

[STARCAST] “Promo Rep Dara Report” Behind-the-scenes story of Double Park TV Ep. 1 –part 2

Hello, readers of Naver STARCAST! I came back with part 2. You know who I am, right? This is 2NE1’s promotion representative Dara. Thank you for your interest in and support for the part 1. Part 2 begins now!!

<#5. Inkigayo Scene >


I drove my car to Seung-yoon‘s music show recording to support him and to invite him as the first guest of Double Park TV.


We bought Seung-yoon roasted beef after the Double Park taxi interview! It was all the more delicious as we had it with our junior singer! Did you hear the <YOU & I> sung by Seung-yoon and Bom on Ep. 1? The two showed the best harmony. I believe that we can see their duet song some day in the future.



Seung-yoon became our precious junior singer after his appearance on Double Park TV as the first guest. As a bonus, I will tell you about the Seung-yoon’s Mcountdown performance. We left our support messages for our cute junior singer without his knowledge. Seung-yoon must have been moved. Min-ji, the senior but the same age with Seung-yoon, left a comment for him as well. Seung-yoon~ This is your senior Min-ji. Wow, so cute!

<#6. Karaoke> 


Oh, I got carried away a little bit. Do you remember the karaoke scene that made the grand finale of Double Park TV Ep. 1? The promo rep knocked down since she went too wild. The viewers of the Ep.1 know why I am that exhausted. I am thinking about going to a karaoke once again later. What do you think?

<#7. 2NE1’s apartment> 


We moved to our apartment and started filming the segment ‘From. Double Park’. We changed into comfortable outfits. We were tired but… for you! From. Double Park is a segment that gives you information on YG Ent. that we ambitiously prepared to excel CEO Yang’s From.YG.


Good night with the lovely Big Park who always infuses great energy into Double Park TV despite fatigue and sleep deprivation and with the beloved Pung Pung Yi!!

Well, this is all for Behind-the-scenes story of Double Park TV Ep. 1 –part 2, but it is too sad to end here. So! As a bonus, I release the pictures we could not disclose on Double Park TV Ep. 1 due to time constraint.

Tada! You are still giving a lot of love to “DO YOU LOVE ME”, which heated up this summer. Thank you. 2NE1 loves you!!!


I will show you the beautiful 2NE1 members in a swimsuit from now on. It is still a hot summer. Aren’t you happy to see the cool swimming pool? It was for the filming of our music video, but we had a good time in Jeju Island. Firstly, I will show you our leader CL’s picture. She is sexy and charismatic indeed as a leader. Wow!


Wow! The bikini look of the youngest member Min-ji is released! She is getting prettier day by day. Cuteness and sex appeal coexist in her.


Our big Park, Park Bom!!! I am always envious of her long and slim legs!!


Finally, I am doing a firework!!! Every moment is a fun memory. Did you have the same fun watching the music video of DO YOU LOVE ME?


This is the real end of Behind-the-scenes story of Double Park TV Part 2. We are currently busy preparing for Double Park Ep. 2. Please look forward to it! Oh, I almost forgot! Double Park TV is available on Naver TVCAST. I love you, all! Bye!

Written by Dara (2NE1)
Photograph: Dara, YG Entertainment

Source: Naver Star Cast