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[STARCAST] “Promo Rep Dara Report” Behind-the-scenes story of Double Park TV Ep. 1 –part 2

[STARCAST] “Promo Rep Dara Report” Behind-the-scenes story of Double Park TV Ep. 1 –part 2

Hello, readers of Naver STARCAST! I came back with part 2. You know who I am, right? This is 2NE1’s promotion representative Dara. Thank you for your interest in and support for the part 1. Part 2 begins now!!

<#5. Inkigayo Scene >


I drove my car to Seung-yoon‘s music show recording to support him and to invite him as the first guest of Double Park TV.


We bought Seung-yoon roasted beef after the Double Park taxi interview! It was all the more delicious as we had it with our junior singer! Did you hear the <YOU & I> sung by Seung-yoon and Bom on Ep. 1? The two showed the best harmony. I believe that we can see their duet song some day in the future.



Seung-yoon became our precious junior singer after his appearance on Double Park TV as the first guest. As a bonus, I will tell you about the Seung-yoon’s Mcountdown performance. We left our support messages for our cute junior singer without his knowledge. Seung-yoon must have been moved. Min-ji, the senior but the same age with Seung-yoon, left a comment for him as well. Seung-yoon~ This is your senior Min-ji. Wow, so cute!

<#6. Karaoke> 


Oh, I got carried away a little bit. Do you remember the karaoke scene that made the grand finale of Double Park TV Ep. 1? The promo rep knocked down since she went too wild. The viewers of the Ep.1 know why I am that exhausted. I am thinking about going to a karaoke once again later. What do you think?

<#7. 2NE1’s apartment> 


We moved to our apartment and started filming the segment ‘From. Double Park’. We changed into comfortable outfits. We were tired but… for you! From. Double Park is a segment that gives you information on YG Ent. that we ambitiously prepared to excel CEO Yang’s From.YG.


Good night with the lovely Big Park who always infuses great energy into Double Park TV despite fatigue and sleep deprivation and with the beloved Pung Pung Yi!!

Well, this is all for Behind-the-scenes story of Double Park TV Ep. 1 –part 2, but it is too sad to end here. So! As a bonus, I release the pictures we could not disclose on Double Park TV Ep. 1 due to time constraint.

Tada! You are still giving a lot of love to “DO YOU LOVE ME”, which heated up this summer. Thank you. 2NE1 loves you!!!


I will show you the beautiful 2NE1 members in a swimsuit from now on. It is still a hot summer. Aren’t you happy to see the cool swimming pool? It was for the filming of our music video, but we had a good time in Jeju Island. Firstly, I will show you our leader CL’s picture. She is sexy and charismatic indeed as a leader. Wow!


Wow! The bikini look of the youngest member Min-ji is released! She is getting prettier day by day. Cuteness and sex appeal coexist in her.


Our big Park, Park Bom!!! I am always envious of her long and slim legs!!


Finally, I am doing a firework!!! Every moment is a fun memory. Did you have the same fun watching the music video of DO YOU LOVE ME?


This is the real end of Behind-the-scenes story of Double Park TV Part 2. We are currently busy preparing for Double Park Ep. 2. Please look forward to it! Oh, I almost forgot! Double Park TV is available on Naver TVCAST. I love you, all! Bye!

Written by Dara (2NE1)
Photograph: Dara, YG Entertainment

Source: Naver Star Cast

Feature: [Star Cast] “PR Manager Dara Report” Double Park TV Episode 1 Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone in Naver Star Cast! This is 2NE1’s Public Relations Manager, Dara. Because of all the support you have shown for my comeback reports the last time~ We can meet again for the behind the scenes of Double Park TV *clap, clap, clap*! It’s the talk of the town these days^.^;;; Double Park TV!!! Are there people among you does not know Double Park TV yet? Then I’ll have to inform you, right! <Double Park TV> is composed of 2NE1‘s awesome Public Relations team, Double Park (Park Bom, Park Sandara), which took a lead on 2NE1’s internet broadcasting. You can watch this fun. refreshing. and exciting broadcast via Naver TV Cast and YouTube. A few days ago, we were finally able to release the first episode; for those who were able to watch, how was it? Did you guys find it interesting? It felt really great when you guys sent your encouraging messages saying that you found it fun and interesting. In the future, I will be revealing the behind the scenes stories that aren’t shown on Double Park TV, here on Naver Star Cast, so let’s all look forward to that together~!!

<#1. YG Office Mission>


Our Double Park did not have any budget to do promotions, and because Yang-sajangnim told us that we should be self-sufficient, we had the idea to sell 21 pairs of special, limited edition Double Park socks in order to raise money. Because I’m the Manager of Public Relations, I worked extra hard painting the pickets myself and putting up the strings.

download (1)

Finally finished!!! The promotional pickets (T/N: directly translated to picket, but means placards/signboards) which we made with our low budget! Should the socks be priced at 1000 won? At just 100 won? We were anxious, but we decided to just sell at 100 won. Aren’t the pickets we made from recycled boxes, completely stylish? We hope that we can sell out a lot!!

<#2. Hapjeong Station Work Scene>

download (2)

Where is the best place to sell our socks? We decided on Hapjeong Playground, the place symbolizing youth and freedom!! Because we had no budget, we had to go via subway. It’s been a long time since I rode the subway, so I was nervous and my heart went *thump, thump*

download (3)

<#3. Hongdae Playground>

download (4)

Finally, we arrived at Hongdae Playground!! Don’t the socks match well with our hard-made pickets? Socks for only 100 won! Come and buy! You can come and buy right now!!!

download (5)

It’s up for sale already~ all of the fans, and even the citizens, participated with enthusiasm and the socks sold out fast!!! Thank you so much!! There were a lot who wanted to buy, but since we only had limited to 21 pairs on sale, I was really sorry. Although the socks were only 100 won, but in order to help our more for our budget for promotions, a citizen willingly handed over 1000 won. Double Park were really very touched.

I’ll only reveal the behind the scenes story of Double Park TV Episode 1 up to hear, I don’t know if you had fun reading. There are more stories to tell, so look forward to part 2 in the near future!


Source: Naver Star Cast

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: Screencaps of 4D Park Sisters in “Double Park TV” Episode 1

Cute, random Park sisters in Double Park TV~! ^^

BRh8UPzCUAAY8ht.png large

BRh8rlACQAAuoJj.png large

BRh8b_kCIAE3Niz.png large

BRh9KdZCIAIYvpE.png large

More after the cut! ^^


News: 2NE1’s “Double Park TV” ~ Bold, Yet CHarming!

2NE1 ‘‘Double Park TV’! Bold yet charming


[OSEN=Park Hyun-min] Girl group 2NE1 member Dara and Bom organized a promotional team and they are spreading their role through internet TV ‘Double Park TV.

Double Park TV’ is named after Dara Park and Bom Park. The two are out of control in low-budget internet broadcast ‘Park Sisters TV’ which will be released in a guerrilla format.

On 13th at noon ‘Double Park TV’ first episode was released via YG’s official blog. On this image Dara is holding a microphone that reads ‘communications director’ and Bom ‘communications agent’. The two talks freely as if there is no camera.

the two girls are ambitious and whimsy enough to say that their rival is ‘FROM YG’ which is YG Entertainment’s official cite for fans and artists to communicate.

Double TV’ talks about their new song and suddenly talks about cutlassfish in Jeju. They talk nonsense and the video is edited with gungse captions which look awkward yet witty. They are promoting YG families which seems to be a success for now.

The two sell socks in Hongdae playground for their promotion funds. They also take one of their fans into their car and get feedback of their new song. The two are showing off their extraordinary ideas in this ‘Double Park TV’

The first guest of ‘Double Park’s Call Taxi’ was Kang Seung-yoon. Despite the two girls’ sudden request, he played Bom’s ‘You & I“ right away with his guitar. Bom and Kang Seung-yoon made a beautiful harmony streaming on live.

They said their role model is Kim Gura who is famous for speaking maliciously. However, to Kang Seung-yoon, Bom and Dara showed their affection toward their junior. Especially Bom bonded of sympathy when talking about his difficulties of dancing.

Meanwhile, ‘Double Park TV’ episode 1 part 3 will be aired on 13th 8PM.

Credits: Naver Star Cast

Video: Double Park TV’s Long-Awaited First Episode is Finally Here ~ Fun Park Sisters!

OMG OMG OMG! YAY! It’s finally here! After anticipating for so long, here’s Double Park TV! ^^ It’s only 6 minutes, but you can totally see the fun that Dara and Bom had while filming, but much more than that, you can see their hard work in making this video happen. XD

In Part 1, we can see Double Park during their excursion to Hapjeongdong (LMAO wreaking havoc at the train station OTL) for the socks selling and a bit of Double Park Taxi! So cute to see the Blackjacks spazzing “DO YOU LOVE ME” after hearing it for the first time! ❤

In Part 2, we can see Kang Seung Yoon riding with Dara and Bom in Double Park Taxi! LOLOL! Such fun times! Bommie got so hyper that sometimes, Dara and Seung Yoon were just blank.. Haha! Kang Seung Yoon playing his guitar! /drops dead

In Part 3, we see a hyper Dara and Bom singing and OMG guys, Dara singing You and I is so good! ^^ Double Park Album juseyo! They sound so good together. Bommie, thank you for letting Dara shine! ^_^




Credits: 2NE1

Twitter/Photo: Tired Double Park “Sleeping broadcast”

*Clap clap clap for Park Sisters!!!

No doubt they had a hectic day, and stayed up late to finish filming! I’m sure they must be tired especially if they combine it with rehearsals for DYLM coming out in a couple days.

They’re doing all of this for us, so let’s cheer them on everyday!! ❤❤❤



“Sleeping broadcast”


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @saraseoul

Twitter/Photo: Dara reveals Double Park’s last filming location! “Poor environment but we’ll work hard”

That must have been a really long day for these two, yet they worked so hard!!!


BQ1ecfpCMAA9cFZ Capture

SsangPark is now filming at dorm.Its the last place for today.Poor environment but we’ll work hard

LOL at Dara mentioning herself!


There’s nothing to be used for lighting so we use the stand light while doing it”


Source: @Krungy21

Translated by” @ilove2NE1girls

Twitter/Photo: Bom (@Haroobomkum) “The first guest to ride Ssang Park call taxi is…”

And here it is!!! A selca of Park sisters and handsome Kang Seung Yoon who was the first guest to ride Ssang Park’s Call Taxi!!!

BQ1WTk-CEAAxn84 Capture1

“The first guest to ride SsangPark call taxi (Dara’s car=call taxi) is Kang Seung Yoon. We went to support him on Inkigayo and ate ^___^ He’s a really cool guy~Kang Seung Yoon today was so fun~*^^* Please look forward to Ssang  Park TV”


Source: @Haroobomkum

Translated by : OuleySoleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Twitter: Double Park at a Karaoke “We were burning with passion..”

Wow! Bom and Dara sure were on a roll! There will be a Karaoke scene in Double Park TV!! I wonder who it’ll be with!!

Hum, Dara changed from shorts to pants ~ >.< iwanttheshorts  hehe jk you still look hot!


SsangPark at the karaoke.. we were burning with passion so its hard now.. You wanna see the karaoke scene too?”


Source: @krungy21

Translated by:ilove2NE1girls

Twitter: Dara Says Double Park TV is Still on Process ~ “Shoot Whenever, Broadcast Whenever~!”

Oh my gosh! Haha! I do hope Double Park does reveal their first episode soon though! But I’m happy they are free spirits, free to do whatever they want. ^^


DARADARADASU: Double Park TV Part 1 is still being edited +.+

DARA: No. We’re still in the process of trying to to look for this and that to film ㅎㅎㅎ Sajangnim gave us the freedom~ To try anything and to film anything we want ^.^ So Small Park and Big Park don’t have a fixed working schedule. We shoot when we want to shoot, then we’ll broadcast when we want to broadcast ㅋㅋㅋ Free spirits!!!


Source: @krungy21 @DaraDarasuru_21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/