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Feature: [Star Cast] “PR Manager Dara Report” Double Park TV Episode 1 Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone in Naver Star Cast! This is 2NE1’s Public Relations Manager, Dara. Because of all the support you have shown for my comeback reports the last time~ We can meet again for the behind the scenes of Double Park TV *clap, clap, clap*! It’s the talk of the town these days^.^;;; Double Park TV!!! Are there people among you does not know Double Park TV yet? Then I’ll have to inform you, right! <Double Park TV> is composed of 2NE1‘s awesome Public Relations team, Double Park (Park Bom, Park Sandara), which took a lead on 2NE1’s internet broadcasting. You can watch this fun. refreshing. and exciting broadcast via Naver TV Cast and YouTube. A few days ago, we were finally able to release the first episode; for those who were able to watch, how was it? Did you guys find it interesting? It felt really great when you guys sent your encouraging messages saying that you found it fun and interesting. In the future, I will be revealing the behind the scenes stories that aren’t shown on Double Park TV, here on Naver Star Cast, so let’s all look forward to that together~!!

<#1. YG Office Mission>


Our Double Park did not have any budget to do promotions, and because Yang-sajangnim told us that we should be self-sufficient, we had the idea to sell 21 pairs of special, limited edition Double Park socks in order to raise money. Because I’m the Manager of Public Relations, I worked extra hard painting the pickets myself and putting up the strings.

download (1)

Finally finished!!! The promotional pickets (T/N: directly translated to picket, but means placards/signboards) which we made with our low budget! Should the socks be priced at 1000 won? At just 100 won? We were anxious, but we decided to just sell at 100 won. Aren’t the pickets we made from recycled boxes, completely stylish? We hope that we can sell out a lot!!

<#2. Hapjeong Station Work Scene>

download (2)

Where is the best place to sell our socks? We decided on Hapjeong Playground, the place symbolizing youth and freedom!! Because we had no budget, we had to go via subway. It’s been a long time since I rode the subway, so I was nervous and my heart went *thump, thump*

download (3)

<#3. Hongdae Playground>

download (4)

Finally, we arrived at Hongdae Playground!! Don’t the socks match well with our hard-made pickets? Socks for only 100 won! Come and buy! You can come and buy right now!!!

download (5)

It’s up for sale already~ all of the fans, and even the citizens, participated with enthusiasm and the socks sold out fast!!! Thank you so much!! There were a lot who wanted to buy, but since we only had limited to 21 pairs on sale, I was really sorry. Although the socks were only 100 won, but in order to help our more for our budget for promotions, a citizen willingly handed over 1000 won. Double Park were really very touched.

I’ll only reveal the behind the scenes story of Double Park TV Episode 1 up to hear, I don’t know if you had fun reading. There are more stories to tell, so look forward to part 2 in the near future!


Source: Naver Star Cast

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

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[UPDATED] Me2Day: 2NE1TV Season 3!

Update #1:

와쌉!!!굿모닝~!^.^ 어제도 늣게 들아와서 너무 졸리고 피곤한데도 지금 눈이 딱!!! 떠졋어요!!!0.0 왜그러쥐~! 퉤니원 티비 라이브~월드와이드! 궁금해서 그런가봐요! 미쿡에서 방송하는거 우리도 유투브로 볼수잇어요!+.+잠시후 열두시부터! 2ne1 검색!^.^

Wassup!!! Good morning~! ^.^ I was too tired yesterday and my eyes were already falling asleep, and I only woke up now!!! Something woke me!!! 0.0 2NE1 TV Live~ World Wide! I’m getting curious actually! The first broadcast is set to be seen via YouTube! +.+ A few moments later, by 12:00! Search for 2NE1! ^.^

Tags: Did you know that tomorrow is the first episode of 2NE1 TV Season 3?!? 6:00PM, on Mnet! Ah, curious curious!!! Excited excited!!! Kkya!

Update #2:

아라하하ㅏ라라할허하하ㅏ하ㅏ!!!!!!! 지금 유투브 엠넷채널에서 투애니원 티비 실시간으로 보고있는뎈ㅋㅋ 우리 옛날모습 어뜩해! 아ㅏㅏ하하하허하 아 웃겨 ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ푸..풋푸하네요..ㅋㅋ 어떡게 현재모습까지 이어지는지..캬~!+.+ 재밋네요 ㅋㅋ

Ah ra ha ha ah ra ra ha ho ha ha ha ha ha (T/N: O________O Er, Dara hun? Excited much? LOL!)!!!!!!! Now watching 2NE1 TV, real-time streaming, on MNet’s YouTube channel ke ke Our old clips, what to do! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ho ha Ah, too funny ㅠㅠ ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Pu…pupuhaha.. Ke ke How could we have changed so much… Kya~! +.+ It’s fun ke ke

Update #3:

내일 오후 6시에 투애니원 티비 시즌3 첫방이자나요!!! +.+ 그전에 우리의 지난 2년을 복습도 할겸~ 또 최근의 변화들과 멤버들의 2주년 기념 저녁식사까지! 오늘밤 열한시! 엠넷에서 볼수잇어용! 아까 유투브로 못보신분들 고고고!+.+ㅋ한시간짜리 스페샬방송이에요!^^

Tomorrow at 6:00PM, 2NE1 TV Season 3’s first broadcast!!! +.+ But before that, we will have a review of the past two years first~ Then see our recent changes and also see the members on our second anniversary dinner celebration! Tonight at 11:00PM! Watch it on Mnet! Especially those who weren’t able to catch it on YouTube earlier! +.+ Ke It’s an hour-long TV Special! ^.^

Update #4:

꼼지락꼼지락.. 지금 엠넷 보구있어요?!? 우린..지금 열심히 촬영중이라..ㅠㅠ 못보구있어요! 야외촬영이라 티비가 없어용! 난 아까 유투브로보긴햇지만ㅋㅋ또 보고싶엇는데!!! 암튼 지금 모습은 공개할수없기에! 아쉽지만 발밖에 지금 못보여주네용!^_^;;;

Wriggle, wriggle (T/N: Thanks much to DCPinkMIC for the translation. She said it’s the movement that the toes make when you wriggle them. O_O) Are you now watching Mnet?!? We are… now busy working hard at shooting… ㅠㅠ We’re can’t watch! Since it’s an an outdoor shooting, we do not have a TV with us! I already watched on YouTube earlier, but ke ke I wanted to see it again!!! Anyway, I can’t show what I look like publicly at the moment! So unfortunately, I can only show you my feet only for now! ^_^;;; Secret~ Bbyong~!!!

Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara