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Twitter: PR Manager Dara (@krungy21) is Excited and Invites Us To Come and Play on 2NE1 2014 World Tour


aon teaser

Our new album/tour poster was revealed~ Coming from the stars is popular now~ 2NE1 who came from the starsㅋㅋI wish we had Do Manager too.. >.<

all or nothing


akvns Concert invitation shooong~! You guys will come to play~right?!? I’m excited!!!!


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @kristinekwak + @sumiinkim

Feature: [Star Cast] “PR Manager Dara Report” Double Park TV Episode 1 Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone in Naver Star Cast! This is 2NE1’s Public Relations Manager, Dara. Because of all the support you have shown for my comeback reports the last time~ We can meet again for the behind the scenes of Double Park TV *clap, clap, clap*! It’s the talk of the town these days^.^;;; Double Park TV!!! Are there people among you does not know Double Park TV yet? Then I’ll have to inform you, right! <Double Park TV> is composed of 2NE1‘s awesome Public Relations team, Double Park (Park Bom, Park Sandara), which took a lead on 2NE1’s internet broadcasting. You can watch this fun. refreshing. and exciting broadcast via Naver TV Cast and YouTube. A few days ago, we were finally able to release the first episode; for those who were able to watch, how was it? Did you guys find it interesting? It felt really great when you guys sent your encouraging messages saying that you found it fun and interesting. In the future, I will be revealing the behind the scenes stories that aren’t shown on Double Park TV, here on Naver Star Cast, so let’s all look forward to that together~!!

<#1. YG Office Mission>


Our Double Park did not have any budget to do promotions, and because Yang-sajangnim told us that we should be self-sufficient, we had the idea to sell 21 pairs of special, limited edition Double Park socks in order to raise money. Because I’m the Manager of Public Relations, I worked extra hard painting the pickets myself and putting up the strings.

download (1)

Finally finished!!! The promotional pickets (T/N: directly translated to picket, but means placards/signboards) which we made with our low budget! Should the socks be priced at 1000 won? At just 100 won? We were anxious, but we decided to just sell at 100 won. Aren’t the pickets we made from recycled boxes, completely stylish? We hope that we can sell out a lot!!

<#2. Hapjeong Station Work Scene>

download (2)

Where is the best place to sell our socks? We decided on Hapjeong Playground, the place symbolizing youth and freedom!! Because we had no budget, we had to go via subway. It’s been a long time since I rode the subway, so I was nervous and my heart went *thump, thump*

download (3)

<#3. Hongdae Playground>

download (4)

Finally, we arrived at Hongdae Playground!! Don’t the socks match well with our hard-made pickets? Socks for only 100 won! Come and buy! You can come and buy right now!!!

download (5)

It’s up for sale already~ all of the fans, and even the citizens, participated with enthusiasm and the socks sold out fast!!! Thank you so much!! There were a lot who wanted to buy, but since we only had limited to 21 pairs on sale, I was really sorry. Although the socks were only 100 won, but in order to help our more for our budget for promotions, a citizen willingly handed over 1000 won. Double Park were really very touched.

I’ll only reveal the behind the scenes story of Double Park TV Episode 1 up to hear, I don’t know if you had fun reading. There are more stories to tell, so look forward to part 2 in the near future!


Source: Naver Star Cast

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Line: 2NE1’s PR Manager Dara Gets Her New Business Cards and Own Team!

Dara’s business cards look badass! I would love to have a business card like this as well. It’s simple, yet slick and elegant in its simplicity. ^^ And there’s a “2NE1 Communications Team” already! Wonder who Dara chose to be in her team? ^^



[Public Relations Manager] Hello~ Good morning ^.* Recently, I am a person who is looking for subordinates/assistants. With my new team and subordinates, we will adapt a “fighting” mindset, starting with these brand new business cards. I really like my new subordinates! I am in very polite company ^_^


Source: 2NE1 Line App

Translated and capped by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Starcast: PR Manager Dara’s Comeback Report – D-1 (Talk on CL)


Hello everyone? This is Dara, the PR representative of 2NE1. Nice to meet you, readers of Naver Starcast. 2NE1 comes back on July 8 with the new song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’ in a year since we released ‘I LOVE YOU’ in 2012. Are you wondering what we did for the last one year? Then, please look forward to this comeback report that Dara is about to brief you on.

Click the link below to see PR Dara’s report!


Photo: 2NE1 PR Manager Dara Gives W Korea Her Business Card

2NE1 will be featured in the August Issue of W Korea Magazine. They will be talking about their “I Love You” Comeback. During their interview, Dara handed W Korea her business card! How cute is this? And her business card is in hot pink! 

오늘 받은 명함 한 장. 다라 씨는 2NE1의 보컬이자 댄서이자 PR 매니저였군요! ‘I Love You’로 컴백한 2NE1의 인터뷰는 더블유 8월호에 공개됩니다.

Source: W Korea Facebook Page