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Photos: 151203 Fantaken Pics of Park Sisters Dara and Bom, with TOP, Daesung, and Taeyang at Hong Kong Airport Going Back to Korea

Awww, our goddess Dara looks radiant! ❤ And she’s with her Park Sister, Bommie! Taeyang, TOP, and Daesung also went hom the same time as them.. CL and Minzy went ahead earlier, along with G-Dragon.. ^^







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Twitter: Appreciative Dara is Happy with Volume Up Tuesday Night Fanart ~ “With Bom-Yang Who Lifted Up My Spirits!”

Dara really loves  ‘s fanart! And I can’t blame her, they’re so cute! And detaied too! ❤ Waahhh! She asked if there was going to be a fanart from second night, and here it is! ❤Bo2_aVQCIAAGN1q


DalD whose spirits were lifted up on Tuesday with the appearance of Park Bom-yang~!!! It really looks exactly like the real people!!! Ah, so cute >.< #DoublePark #VolumeUp 


Source: @krungy21

Re-uploaded and Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: 140320 More Pictures of Double Park During their Interview on M!Countdown

Our girls so cute! ❤ Park sisters being interviewed by taller, younger guys, looking oh so adorable! ❤




Omo Bommie-unnie, why are you making that expression? XDDD And the other three look so serious! XDDD


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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – When God w/ bansak hair made Park Bom

Park Bom

Now when God w/ bansak hair made Park Bom! Next is me but i don’t know myself..what kind of person am I?



Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls,@Bom_Always

Fan-Taken: 131120 HQ Double Park at Incheon International Airport (For Hong Kong)

More HQ photos! Bommie looking stunning with her long legs and Dara looking so fashionable with her scarf and biker jacket! 





Feature: [Star Cast] “PR Manager Dara Report” Double Park TV Episode 1 Behind The Scenes

Hello everyone in Naver Star Cast! This is 2NE1’s Public Relations Manager, Dara. Because of all the support you have shown for my comeback reports the last time~ We can meet again for the behind the scenes of Double Park TV *clap, clap, clap*! It’s the talk of the town these days^.^;;; Double Park TV!!! Are there people among you does not know Double Park TV yet? Then I’ll have to inform you, right! <Double Park TV> is composed of 2NE1‘s awesome Public Relations team, Double Park (Park Bom, Park Sandara), which took a lead on 2NE1’s internet broadcasting. You can watch this fun. refreshing. and exciting broadcast via Naver TV Cast and YouTube. A few days ago, we were finally able to release the first episode; for those who were able to watch, how was it? Did you guys find it interesting? It felt really great when you guys sent your encouraging messages saying that you found it fun and interesting. In the future, I will be revealing the behind the scenes stories that aren’t shown on Double Park TV, here on Naver Star Cast, so let’s all look forward to that together~!!

<#1. YG Office Mission>


Our Double Park did not have any budget to do promotions, and because Yang-sajangnim told us that we should be self-sufficient, we had the idea to sell 21 pairs of special, limited edition Double Park socks in order to raise money. Because I’m the Manager of Public Relations, I worked extra hard painting the pickets myself and putting up the strings.

download (1)

Finally finished!!! The promotional pickets (T/N: directly translated to picket, but means placards/signboards) which we made with our low budget! Should the socks be priced at 1000 won? At just 100 won? We were anxious, but we decided to just sell at 100 won. Aren’t the pickets we made from recycled boxes, completely stylish? We hope that we can sell out a lot!!

<#2. Hapjeong Station Work Scene>

download (2)

Where is the best place to sell our socks? We decided on Hapjeong Playground, the place symbolizing youth and freedom!! Because we had no budget, we had to go via subway. It’s been a long time since I rode the subway, so I was nervous and my heart went *thump, thump*

download (3)

<#3. Hongdae Playground>

download (4)

Finally, we arrived at Hongdae Playground!! Don’t the socks match well with our hard-made pickets? Socks for only 100 won! Come and buy! You can come and buy right now!!!

download (5)

It’s up for sale already~ all of the fans, and even the citizens, participated with enthusiasm and the socks sold out fast!!! Thank you so much!! There were a lot who wanted to buy, but since we only had limited to 21 pairs on sale, I was really sorry. Although the socks were only 100 won, but in order to help our more for our budget for promotions, a citizen willingly handed over 1000 won. Double Park were really very touched.

I’ll only reveal the behind the scenes story of Double Park TV Episode 1 up to hear, I don’t know if you had fun reading. There are more stories to tell, so look forward to part 2 in the near future!


Source: Naver Star Cast

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Double Park at a Karaoke “We were burning with passion..”

Wow! Bom and Dara sure were on a roll! There will be a Karaoke scene in Double Park TV!! I wonder who it’ll be with!!

Hum, Dara changed from shorts to pants ~ >.< iwanttheshorts  hehe jk you still look hot!


SsangPark at the karaoke.. we were burning with passion so its hard now.. You wanna see the karaoke scene too?”


Source: @krungy21

Translated by:ilove2NE1girls

Photos: 130804 Fantaken pictures of Dara (@krungy21) and Bom (@Haroobomkum) for Ssang Park Call Taxi

Dara looks totally adorbz with her bunny cheeks ^.^





Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) “Today’s SsangPark call taxi with fans was really fun!!!”

Woohoo!! It’s really good to know Park Sisters have enjoyed themselves today!!!

And lucky Saewoo who got chosen for his hardwork!! Dara sure knows how to appreciate fans’ efforts ❤


“Yoohoo~!!! Today’s SsangPark call taxi with fans was really fun!!! Bonus~!!! To Saewoo who suffers day & night to sub SsangPark radio, we will pick you up to be the last one to ride! With Ssang Park package~ and one more gift.”


Translated by : ilove2NE1girls

Twitter: Dara “Those who are waiting for SsangPark call taxi~ Please wait~”

Thoughtful Dara asking all people who are waiting for them to wait a bit more until they are done with their date wit KSY ^^

Ah they must have been so excited to meet Park Sisters ^^ But yes, safety first!


“Those who are waiting for SsangPark call taxi~ Please wait~~ We’ll go eat meat with our dongsaeng Seungyoon first~Please wait for a little while~~~ Don’t run into the car ㅠ.ㅠ Safety is the best!!!”


Translated by : ilove2NE1girls