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Twitter/Instagram: Dara (@krungy21) – “Wow!!! Fantastic Youngbae!!!”

Wow!!! Fantastic Youngbae!!! Eventhough this is my 2nd time to watch Youngbae’s concert it’s still cool!!! #WhiteNightinBKK photo by KyoungRye-ssiOh KyoungRye-ssi takes photos well

Source: @krungy21 + daraxxi@instagram

Translated by: @WeLoveDara

Fan-Taken: 170930 Dara at Taeyang’s “White Night” Concert in Bangkok, Thailand

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Twitter/Fancam: 061017 Dara, CL, YB and Daesung at G-Dragon’s M.O.T.T.E. Concert in Seoul

Credit: @YB_518

Photos: 151203 Fantaken Pics of Park Sisters Dara and Bom, with TOP, Daesung, and Taeyang at Hong Kong Airport Going Back to Korea

Awww, our goddess Dara looks radiant! ❤ And she’s with her Park Sister, Bommie! Taeyang, TOP, and Daesung also went hom the same time as them.. CL and Minzy went ahead earlier, along with G-Dragon.. ^^







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Instagram: Dara, CL, G-Dragon, Taeyang, and YG All Upload Letters Regarding the “Who’s Next?” Teasers for the 21st ~ Fans Ask: What’s Going On?

We may have an update on the “WHO’S NEXT” teasers for the 21st!

So like out of the blue, GD tweeted and tagged Dara, CL, YB, and YG.. The other four quickly followed with other letters.. ^^ Here are the letters they uploaded on their respective Instagram accounts:


We were all wondering what it meant, until several people pointed out that it could spell “HELLO BI+CHES”, which is one of the known song titles CL has for her US album. .^^ 


What do you think is happening? ^^


Sources: @daraxxi @xxxibgdrgn @__youngbae__ @chaelincl @fromyg

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Photos: 141012 More Fantaken Pics of Dara Arriving and Leaving Taeyang’s Concert Venue

Ackkkk, I forgot that I haven’t posted these OTL.. T_T Anyways, here’s our always pretty Dara arriving and leaving Taeyang’s concert.. ^^






Sources: 21 Sweet November + yoooooubb

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Photo: 141013 HQ Fantaken Pic of Park Siblings with Jinwoo Watching Taeyang’s Concert

Oohhhh! So Dara did sit with Thunder! ^^ Jinwoo and Winner seated the row behind them.. ^_^



Source: @910926_com

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Photo: 141012 Fantaken Pic of Cutie, Casual Dara Arriving at Taeyang’s “Rise” Concert

Cute, adorable Dara being all casual as she supports her friend, Youngbae, at his concert.. ^^



Source: @sungp00

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Photos: 141012 “SforSandara” Fantaken Pics of Beautiful, Bare-Faced Dara After Taeyang’s Concert

Dara went to watch Taeyang’s concert yesterday.. ^_^ From fan accounts, Thunder was there too, he was sitting with Winner.. ^_^ 

And oh, let’s welcome another fansite for Dara,  ~! For those of you who have Twitter, follow them please, along with  and  the Korean fansites.. ^_^





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Instagram: Adorable Darong Shares a Picture with “Taeyangie” at Boon The Shop

Waaahhhhhh Dara with Youngbae! I mean, it’s Taeyangie with Darongie.. Kekekekeke! XDDD They are so cute! YG Family for the win! ^^Why are you hiding behind Dara, Bae? XD And lookie there, why didn’t you credit Xin for the pic, Dara? Kekekekkee! ^^


Taeyangieee >.< with Taeyang!!! boontheshop_men X ___xin___

태양이 >.< with Taeyang!!! @boontheshop_men X @___xin___

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