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Photos: 151203 Fantaken Pics of Park Sisters Dara and Bom, with TOP, Daesung, and Taeyang at Hong Kong Airport Going Back to Korea

Awww, our goddess Dara looks radiant! ❤ And she’s with her Park Sister, Bommie! Taeyang, TOP, and Daesung also went hom the same time as them.. CL and Minzy went ahead earlier, along with G-Dragon.. ^^







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Photos: More of Dara and YG Family at the YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore – Press Conference



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Fancam: 140914 Pretty Dara Arriving at Singapore Changi International Airport

Credit: darliciousx@WeLoveDara/OhDara

News: 2NE1’s Dara declares acting ambitions ahead of star-studded YG Family Concert in Singapore

2NE1’s Dara declares acting ambitions ahead of star-studded YG Family Concert in Singapore


There was some teasing going on at the YG Family press conference on Friday night.

The 29-year-old Dara, the pretty face of girlgroup 2NE1, quipped that she wants to try out acting like her colleague Top.

The cheeky Top promptly turned around to tell Dara: “Why don’t you demonstrate a crying scene on the spot?”

Dara responded swiftly with a comeback: “I’d rather do a kissing scene! I’d like to try it out with (Epik High’s) Mithra Jin.”


The playful interaction between the stars looks set to be a highlight of the YG Family concerts.

The YG artistes were gathered together at a press conference at Resorts World Convention Centre tonight, ahead of their joint concerts to be held over the weekend.

The YG Family Concert is a multi-act concert featuring artistes from Korean entertainment giant and talent agency YG Entertainment.

The two-day extravaganza held on Saturday and Sunday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium has a star-studded line-up: Gangnam Style star Psy, rookie boyband Winner, hip-hop trio Epik High, A-list boyband BigBang and edgy girlgroup 2NE1.

BigBang’s youngest member Seungri, 23, was conspicuously absent from the press conference. He was involved in a car accident in Seoul in the wee hours of Friday morning.

The emcee addressed the media at the start of the press conference, saying that Seungri will not be taking part in the YG Family concerts in Singapore due to the accident. She assured the media that he is recovering well.

The question-and-answer session was conducted entirely by the emcee, who quizzed the artistes from a pre-selected set of questions submitted by the media.

This is the first time stars from the YG stable are performing together at a concert here. Previously, BigBang, 2NE1 and Psy have done solo performances in Singapore.

It also marks the first performance here for newbie boyband Winner, who officially debuted last month.

When asked what has been their most memorable moment to date, Winner’s leader, 20-year-old Kang Seung Yoon says: “It’s right now because we are here with our seniors.”

Another group making their debut performance here is Epik High.

Speaking in fluent English, rapper Tablo says: “I love the heat. I love the sun!”

When asked who Epik High want to collaborate with, Tablo says: “I want to work with our CEO Yang Hyuk Suk. It would be a rap and dance number.”

Maybe we’ll see the YG boss at the next YG Family concert?

Credits: StraitsTime


Twitter: PR Director Dara Promotes TOP’s New Movie, “Tazza 2” ~ “Actor Choi’s Acting is Great!”

Waaaahhhh, cannot wait to see this movie! PR Director Dara at her element, supporting TOP’s new movie. ^^


“I really enjoyed Tazza 2~ the movie is really fun and Actor Choi’s acting was great! Also.. Sides of TOP we haven’t seen before were shown +.+ You should look forward to it. Fighting^_^ “


Photos: 140825 HD/HQ Press Pictures of Radiant, Lovely Dara at TOP’s “Tazza 2” Movie Premiere and Red Carpet

I LOOOOVVVEEEEEE HOW DARA WAS STYLED! ❤ Of course, she pulls off the craziest hair and the crazier outfits, but I love how radiant and beautiful she looks in simple, chic clothes! ❤ I love how simply, yet elegantly her hair was styled! Side parted, down, with curls! T_T I can just cry from happiness.. T_T Her black top looks like it’s made of heavy-ish material, but I like how it gives a nod to her edgy fashion, with the neckline, the holes on the bodice, and the choker style.. ^_^ I like her silver skirt too! ^^ But I absolutely LOVE her shoes!!! Like dang, they look so cool and fashionable.. ^^ Props to the stylist for making Dara look so pretty and gorgeous and elegant! ❤ I know she can make even sack cloth look pretty, but I just.. gaahhh, so pretty last night! ^^











Photos: 140825 HD/HQ Press Pictures of Gorgeous Dara and Minzy Attending TOP’s “Tazza 2” VIP Movie Premier and Red Carpet

Dara and Minzy!!! Yaaaayyyy! It’s rare to see these two together, so I’m happy they spent time with each other and supported TOP in his new movie, Tazza 2.. ^^ They went to the VIP Premier and attended the red carpet! ^_^ 

Dara and Minzy both look gorgeous! Their outfits complement each other, don’t they? ^^ Our baby Mingkki all grown up! She looks so pretty with her long, red hair and so grown up with her outfit.. ❤ Dara just glows, I swear, so so so beautiful! Goddess force! ❤


Dara, what are you looking at? ^_^ The expression on her face is too cute.. ❤ And Mingkki’s cute face too.. T_T Gah! ❤







Videos: 140412-140413 HD Fancams of Dara, Mino, and TOP Performing “Doom Dada” Collab at YG Family Concert

Bless the TOP fans who recorded Dara and Mino’s parts as well! ❤ Dara was super duper cute! ❤ I wish she could’ve rapped more though, but it’s okay! The collab is great! Mino did so well too! TOP, wow, the man is just.. awesome personified.. His rap was so so so fast! 

DoomDada (Dara – Mino – TOP)



Video: Happy New Year Greetings from 2NE1 with Daesung and GD & Top

Mnet 새해인사 GD&TOP & 2NE1 with 대성cut

Happy new year greetings from BIGBANG’s GD & Top and 2NE1 with Daesung. They must have filmed this backstage during MAMA 2013! ^^


Source: 베티핑끄

Video: 2NE1, Daesung, GD, TOP and Other Artist’s Christmas Greetings for Channel M

Credit: Channel M