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Instagram: Real and Fake Maknaes Share their Pride for Hoobaes, iKON, for their First Concert ~ “Thank You for your Hard Work!”

OMG I just realized I hadn’t updated these OTL.. Sorry, work and real life has been crazy lately.. TT Anyways, Dara and Minggki attended iKON’s concert! Again, so happy to see them spending time together.. ❀


At IKON’s debut concert~ Maknae line!!! Β πŸ˜γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ Congratulations on your debut kids~!!! Real and fake maknaes at iKon’s debut concert!!! Congrats iKon!!! πŸ‘Š


The meeting of the gym people γ…‹γ…‹ πŸ’ͺ Ssabu-nim with his disciples >.<Β 


The kids are too may so.. ^^;; Gathering all of them at one time is not easy.. Where are you Β γ… γ…  γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ Anyway!!! It was your very first concert, but it was already so cool!!! Thank you for your hard work~!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #μ•„μ΄μ½˜ #iKon πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ good job everybody good job!!!

Mingkki updated with her own pic too! ❀


Hello cutie people, keep up the good workΒ ^__^ #ikon #2ne1 #ygbaby


Sources:Β daraxxiΒ +Β _minzy_mz

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Photos: 151003 Fantaken Pics of Supportive Dara Attending iKON’s “Showtime” Debut Concert with Minzy

So happy to see Dara and Minzy spending time together! ^_______^ Dara forever loyal and supportive of YG Family.. ^^ Do well, Ikon! ❀









Photos: 140825 HD/HQ Press Pictures of Gorgeous Dara and Minzy Attending TOP’s “Tazza 2” VIP Movie Premier and Red Carpet

Dara and Minzy!!! Yaaaayyyy! It’s rare to see these two together, so I’m happy they spent time with each other and supported TOP in his new movie, Tazza 2.. ^^ They went to the VIP Premier and attended the red carpet! ^_^Β 

Dara and Minzy both look gorgeous! Their outfits complement each other, don’t they? ^^ Our baby Mingkki all grown up! She looks so pretty with her long, red hair and so grown up with her outfit.. ❀ Dara just glows, I swear, so so so beautiful! Goddess force! ❀


Dara, what are you looking at? ^_^ The expression on her face is too cute.. ❀ And Mingkki’s cute face too.. T_T Gah! ❀







Photo/Official: Red-Hot Minzy Sizzles for 2NE1’s New Album “Crush” Teaser

Oooohhhh, Minzy looking incredible in red for “Crush” while Dara was cool and awesome in blue for “Coming Back Home.” ^_^ I am loving the colors that they are giving off. Minzy looks funky and badass in red! ❀ Cannot wait for Bom’s and CL’s teasers as well! ❀



Source: YG Life

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Twitter: Adorable Mingkki Shares a Picture with Cute 2NE1 Barbie Dolls

The first time I saw this, I thought that the Dara barbie was CL and the CL barbie was Dara! XDD It’s because Dara barbie has darker hair, so I thought it was CL. XDDD But the Barbie dolls are so cute! ❀ Their clothes look awesome and handmade! ❀ Kudos to the talented person who did this! ❀



Wahhh ^^ Pretty Barbies transformed into 2NE1!! γ…‹


Source: @mingkki21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Dara Greets Minzy’s Mom A Very Happy Birthday + Minzy’s Heartwarming Birthday Message

Today is the birthday of Minzy’s mother! Happy birthday, omma-nim!!! We are so happy that you are such an amazing woman to have raised up such an amazing daughter like Minzy. We Blackjacks appreciate you for always being there for her! ❀ Happy, happy birthday! ^^


MINZY: My mother who always takes care of us kids… Before the day she became a mother, she’s already a woman, who later became a man’s wife, and now today, for your birthday, I want to give you all the happiness that I can give because you fully deserve the best blessings that one can get from this life ❀ I love you, mom

DARA: Oh!!!! Mother~~~~~~~~~~ A very happy birthday to youuu~^.^ Be happy always~ Hoping that you will have a great day with Mingkki today!!! (__)

MINZY:Β γ…‹γ…‹ Thank you ^^ This is really heart-warming γ…Ž


Source: @krungy21
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Instagram: Minzy Shares a Cute Video of Darong in Celebration of Winning Number 1

Kekeke, Dara’s “kamsahamnida” at the end is totally cute! ^^ And how adorable is Minzy providing the background music? Haha! I love these two!

Minzy’s Instagram – Darong’s “Thank You!” Video


In celebration of getting number 1!! Darong ^^


Source: Minzy’s Instagram (
Youtube Video:Β darongchy
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@ OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Line: Minzy Rules in Running Man and Becomes Dara’s “Super Girl”

I love how Minzy is just so free to have fun with her unnies! She is super athletic, and I really think she’ll stand out on Running Man! Keke! Yes, we’re ready for your everything! And how cute is Dara complaining to their maknae! And then encouraging her to go for it! ❀ Love the fake and real maknae love made so so so obvious! ❀

And awwww, Dara calling Minzy her “Supergirl” ready to save her from anything! <333

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Photos: 130510 Press Photos of Fake and Real Maknae at Incheon Airport Headed to Japan – Pop-Out Colors vs Subdued Tones!

Ooohhhh, Mingkki’s quite colorful airport fashion is opposite to Dara’s subdued one. ^_^ I think this jacket is one of Minzy’s DIY projects? Love all the colors though, which complements her unnie’s black and blue striped fashion! ^_^ MinDara! ^_^





Sources: Naver and Nate News Hosts

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Twitter: Dougie Loves Dara’s Angry Birds Bag Gift To Minzy ‘In the end, I will have it’

How cute is Dougie?! I can just imagine her snatching the bag away from Mingkki as soon as she sees it.. XD Wasn’t Minzy asking Dara for gifts to Dougie? This can be one of them then! Kekeke! And kudos to everyone who predicted that Mingkki would get the red bag! ^_^

Dara unnie bought this new bag for Minji-unnie, but Dougie really love this bag more γ…œγ…œ

But in the end, Dougie will have it Ke ke ke


Source: @kongdougie

Translated and re-uploaded by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara