Dara and Minzy!!! Yaaaayyyy! It’s rare to see these two together, so I’m happy they spent time with each other and supported TOP in his new movie, Tazza 2.. ^^ They went to the VIP Premier and attended the red carpet! ^_^ 

Dara and Minzy both look gorgeous! Their outfits complement each other, don’t they? ^^ Our baby Mingkki all grown up! She looks so pretty with her long, red hair and so grown up with her outfit.. ❤ Dara just glows, I swear, so so so beautiful! Goddess force! ❤


Dara, what are you looking at? ^_^ The expression on her face is too cute.. ❤ And Mingkki’s cute face too.. T_T Gah! ❤












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Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 140825 HD/HQ Press Pictures of Gorgeous Dara and Minzy Attending TOP’s “Tazza 2” VIP Movie Premier and Red Carpet" (3)

  1. They are both lovely! Dara, dang so stunning and her outfit is so classy! Happy to see them support TOP.

  2. poohbearl0u said:

    I love Dara’s look here ❤

    On another note…I wish we could respect our idols lives since they're also human as long as they're happy =) But I hope they would really stop dragging Dara's name in the comments on "K"'s SNS account…people might misunderstand and hate on Dara for some actions by the other fans…LEAVE DARA ALONE

  3. My girls..both look stunning..Watching the videos, it was So cute to see Dara directing her little dongseang around…Her dongseang who doesn’t go to premiers a lot..:)

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