Bless the TOP fans who recorded Dara and Mino’s parts as well! ❤ Dara was super duper cute! ❤ I wish she could’ve rapped more though, but it’s okay! The collab is great! Mino did so well too! TOP, wow, the man is just.. awesome personified.. His rap was so so so fast! 

DoomDada (Dara – Mino – TOP)



Comments on: "Videos: 140412-140413 HD Fancams of Dara, Mino, and TOP Performing “Doom Dada” Collab at YG Family Concert" (2)

  1. AlohaDara said:

    cheska I love what you wrote and I second it!

  2. i really love how the crowd react to sandara’s doom dara divida..she’s so cute…no one can beat sandara when it comes to dorkiness.she’s unpredictable and have so many surprises… i respect her as an artist and as a person…she’s really one of a kind…

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