Waaaahhhh, cannot wait to see this movie! PR Director Dara at her element, supporting TOP’s new movie. ^^


“I really enjoyed Tazza 2~ the movie is really fun and Actor Choi’s acting was great! Also.. Sides of TOP we haven’t seen before were shown +.+ You should look forward to it. Fighting^_^ “



Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Twitter: PR Director Dara Promotes TOP’s New Movie, “Tazza 2” ~ “Actor Choi’s Acting is Great!”" (2)

  1. I won’t be greedy, even if not TOP, I just want Dara to be given a chance to hone her acting skill with an acting project. She wants it so much, am sure she’ll do well.

  2. lorenadenise said:

    I just hope this time dara and top will have a picture together. just the two of them.. not with other people. not an edited picture.. not a manip… a real picture of them together,,,please!!!!!!!!!!! heaven please hear my prayers….

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