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Videos: 140825 Press Videos of Dara and Minzy at Tazza 2 VIP Movie Premiere Red Carpet

Yay, here are press videos! ❤

140825 OBS News TV 2NE1 Minzy 공민지& Dara 산다라박 at Tazza 2 VIP Movie Premiere


Credits: TheEROMAKNAE + Denis Silvestre

Twitter: PR Director Dara Promotes TOP’s New Movie, “Tazza 2” ~ “Actor Choi’s Acting is Great!”

Waaaahhhh, cannot wait to see this movie! PR Director Dara at her element, supporting TOP’s new movie. ^^


“I really enjoyed Tazza 2~ the movie is really fun and Actor Choi’s acting was great! Also.. Sides of TOP we haven’t seen before were shown +.+ You should look forward to it. Fighting^_^ “


Photos: 140825 HD/HQ Press Pictures of Radiant, Lovely Dara at TOP’s “Tazza 2” Movie Premiere and Red Carpet

I LOOOOVVVEEEEEE HOW DARA WAS STYLED! ❤ Of course, she pulls off the craziest hair and the crazier outfits, but I love how radiant and beautiful she looks in simple, chic clothes! ❤ I love how simply, yet elegantly her hair was styled! Side parted, down, with curls! T_T I can just cry from happiness.. T_T Her black top looks like it’s made of heavy-ish material, but I like how it gives a nod to her edgy fashion, with the neckline, the holes on the bodice, and the choker style.. ^_^ I like her silver skirt too! ^^ But I absolutely LOVE her shoes!!! Like dang, they look so cool and fashionable.. ^^ Props to the stylist for making Dara look so pretty and gorgeous and elegant! ❤ I know she can make even sack cloth look pretty, but I just.. gaahhh, so pretty last night! ^^