Dara went to watch Taeyang’s concert yesterday.. ^_^ From fan accounts, Thunder was there too, he was sitting with Winner.. ^_^ 

And oh, let’s welcome another fansite for Dara,  ~! For those of you who have Twitter, follow them please, along with  and  the Korean fansites.. ^_^





Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 141012 “SforSandara” Fantaken Pics of Beautiful, Bare-Faced Dara After Taeyang’s Concert" (3)

  1. dara-my-inspiration said:

    effortless beauty now I know why she looked younger each day coz she doesnt pressure herself especially to her work,she is so cool in everything she does and never hesitate to do things that makes her happy,never care how she look in public as long as shes enjoying..one of a kind true to herself idol

  2. Dragonfly87 said:

    My eyes literally rolled out of my sockets! Is it just me or is she just glowing more than usual these days?!?! Gorgeous!!

  3. sandara yah…you’re so pretty these days..

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