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Photos: 151027 Official Pics of Sandara Park and CL at W Korea’s “Love Your W” Event

Dara, Dara, sweet, lovely Dara! ❤





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Video/Official: Stunning Model Sandara Park for W Korea ~ “Sandara Park X Givenchy Fashion Film”

Stunning Sandara Park is stunning! ❤

[W korea] 산다라 박(Sandara Park) X GIVENCHY Fashion film

Credits: wkorea

InstaVid: Short Fancams of Dara and CL Arriving at WKorea’s Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Event

Fancams of Dara and CL arriving.. ^^

The uploader said that she shouted “Hi Dara-unnie, it’s been a long time!” and Dara looked at her and smiled, and the uploader said she seemed surprised that a Blackjack was there.. ^^ Uploader then said that “We 2NE1 fans are not dead, we’re just around..” Aww.. ❤

_ #2NE1 #산다라박 @daraxxi #CL @chaelincl 어느순간부터 긴장?혹은 당황스러운 상황일때 혀가 나오는 달옹👅 내가 "언니 오랜만이에요" 라고 하니까 다라언니가 웃었다😊 사실 블랙잭 한명쯤은 있겠지 하고 나오면서 슬쩍 훑어봤죠? 어디에나 투애니원 팬은 존재하니까 기죽지말아요!🙌🏻 그리구 오랜만이라는건 둘다한테 말한건데.. 옆에서 혼자 웃지 말고 팬좀 봐줘요 채린언니ㅋㅋㅋ 정말 보고싶었어ㅠ 오늘 뜻깊은 행사자리에서 멤버 두명이나 보니까 엄청 좋았다. 원더걸스 공연 볼때는 저 무대에 우리도 섰더라면 좋았겠다는 약간의 아쉬움도 있었지만.. 어느정도 각자의 시간을 보내는 것도 좋다고 생각해요. 너무 오래만 아니라면🙈 두 언니의 솔로활동 기대할게요😉 #지나직캠

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#Wkorea #Loveyourw #투애니원 #씨엘 #산다라박 위풍당당 💃💃 씨엘 포스🙈🙊👍

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Instagram: Dara, CL, W Korea, and Eungkyoung’s IG Updates from W Korea’s “Love Your W” Event

Dara’s updates! ❤


With Chaerin after a long time~ >.< with my baby rin 😄 @wkorea #loveyourw #cl#dara


Breast cancer awareness charity event #loveyourw

CL also uploaded a pic from the event with her unnie. ^^


@wkorea #fuckbreastcancer#breastcancerawareness

Here are W Korea and YG Kplus CEO Eunkyoung’s update with our ladies as well.. ^^




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Photos: 151027 Press Photos of Pink Angel Dara at “Love Your W” Breast Cancer Awareness Event

PRETTY DARA! ❤ Goddess force.. ^^ I actually like how she opted to wear something not black.. 😄 She’s like a pink ray of sunshine in a sea of black.. ^_^









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Photos: 151027 Press Photos of Lovely Dara and CL Attending ‘The 10th Annual W Korea Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’

DarLin/ ChaeRa couple went to W Korea’s event for breast cancer awareness last night.. ^^ They look so cute together! Kekeke! I’m sure Dara is happy to be with her “Baby Rin” and CL is glad to spend time with her Dara-unnie. ^^ 

Though I am a huge fan of them both, I am not as enthusiastic with their outfits.. 😄 What do you guys think? ^_^








On October 28, fashion Magazine W Korea held ‘The 10th Annual W Korea Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign’ at Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul.

Held annually in October, which is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, W Korea’s campaign emphasize the need for early detection and improved diagnosis with the slogan ‘Love Your W’. The donations fund free examination, treatment and cure for low-income group.

So far, the donations helped women recover their beauty and health by funding free examination for 5,000 women and breast cancer surgery for 68 of them.

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Instagram+Weibo: PR Director Dara Shares Outtakes from W Korea Photoshoot


A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on



you can see more pics @wkorea november issue ^.^


@wkorea #givenchy #dara

More pics from her Weibo update after the cut.. ^^


Instagram: Photographer Lee Jaesung Shares an Outtake from Queen Dara’s “W Korea” Shoot in NY

Dara’s face is such a work of art, I cry.. T_T Look at her, looking like the regal queen that she is! ❤


@daraxxi #sandarapark#wkorea


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Official/Photos: Givenchy’s Muse Sandara Park Channels “Victorian Lady Meets Modern Woman Warrior” for “Elegant and Intense” W Korea Spread

OMG I LOVE THIS! ❤ I love how intense and bold it looks! Another side of Dara and she is rocking it! ^^ So different from the past photoshoots that she did this year, but I really like how fierce most pics look but how vulnerable and dramatic some of the others are.. ^^ Her styling here is totally bold and daring.. Not many celebrities will and can pull this off with as much aplomb as our Sandara Park! What’s your favorite picture? ^^

Givenchy’s Muse Sandara Park’s Elegant and Intense Moment: Sense and Sensibility

On September 11, set to the backdrop of the Hudson river in New York City, Givenchy unveiled its 2016 S/S collection. In attendance of the iconic show was Givenchy’s muse 2NE1’s Sandara Park. Shifting from the delicate and sensual Givenchy 2015 F/W collection, this features Victorian lady meets modern woman warrior for an elegant and intense moment!









Source: W Korea

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Twitter+Instagram: W Korea Shares Pictures of Gorgeous Park Siblings for their May 2015 Issue

FireShot Capture - W Korea on Twitter_ _우월한 _ - https___twitter.com_wkorea_status_590331042692599808 FireShot Capture - W Magazine Korea on Instagram_ “우월한 남매, 산다_ - https___instagram.com_p_1uEMcDseqF_

우월한 남매, 산다라와 천둥의 강렬한 패션 씬! Repost from @daraxxi #dara #thunder #2ne1

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