Dara is slayingggg this shoot! Look at her! All fierce and chic and OMG! ❤




Source: wkorea

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Comments on: "Photos: Fierce, Chic Sandara Park Absolutely Slays for W Korea’s 12th Anniversary Issue" (1)

  1. i wish dara would
    – finally be featured on the cover by herself
    – have a major role (not necessarily the lead) in a tv series

    yes, she stars–or costars–one step. but i don’t understand why it’s taking so long to release the movie. (wasn’t top’s movie shown just months after shooting was done?) or why it has to be crowdfunded. is its korean distributor too small?

    at present, she only endorses a clothing line from the philippines. i’m not sure but i think the moonshot products she endorsed are still on sale but her promotions have ceased. she seems to be busier in the philippines than in korea. she’s been guesting in variety shows. but in the ones she hosts, there are too many co-hosts to make it seem like she carries the show. no more acting since that movie… just because we see her almost often and everywhere, does it mean her career is thriving after 2ne1?

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