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Photo: Gorgeous Dara for Etude Dear My Lips-Talk


Credit: Lee Hyosup Facebook Page

Screencaps: Dara and SHINee’s “Kiss Note” Episode 1


GIFs/Caps: Dara and SHINee’s “Kiss Note” Teaser (30 Secs)

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Video: Etude’s Kiss Note Shocking Teaser Starring Dara And SHINee!

Warning to fangirls and fanboys: Be prepared to die a million deaths.

I can’t process this RN. My brain died. ALSFHELSGHSLGKJSRLGKJSRPGJPhLSGV!!!

Watch for yourselves! ^^

Sandara and SHINee Kiss Notge! Etude’s Romance, Fantasy Web Drama Teaser Revealed~

Video Description: A big surprise! Write a name in the Kiss Note, and that person would be kissing you???
A 2012 hit, Etude’s romantic, fantasy webdrama!
Starring Sandara and SHINee, Kiss Note is going to be revealed on YouTube on March 1!
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Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Did that just happen?!  OH MY GAWD, WHAT IS LIFE?! T.T

And oh, that sound you’re hearing? It’s the sound of fangirls/fanboys’ hearts breaking. XD

Photos: BTS Pictures of Dara and Taemin for Etude’s “Kiss Note”

Awww! They are adorable! Dara and Taemin for a FRESH LOVE! ^^ I was a little bit worried about Dara and Taemin’s story but I guess I have nothing to worry about! They are so cute!

[Dear My Lips-Talk] Coffee Prince is back with Taemin! Dara’s fresh, lively ♥ Dear My Lips Talk – Fun Orange ♥ To try and take away his heart
Dara who is cocking her head to the side, for him to send her a whisper~~>0<
Wonder what Taemin whispered to her?!!! “Whisper in my ear~~”
A shy smile, instead of a shout “Dear My Lips – Talk Fun Orange” To try to tempt Taemin!!
On March 5, in YOUTUBE (
Dara and Taeming’s fresh moment would be revealed! Coming soon~~>_<

+ March 1 on YOUTUBE – Dara and Jonghyun’s Shy Coral ♥ Would Be Revealed!
+ March 3 on YOUTUBE – Dara and Key’s Exciting Red ♥ Would Be Revealed!

Credit: Etude House Official Facebook