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Credit: forever-2ne1@tumblr; @WeLoveDara

Comments on: "GIFs/Caps: Dara and SHINee’s “Kiss Note” Teaser (30 Secs)" (20)

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  2. Kyaaahh >////< she looks good with every hot guy!! 😀
    Goddess Vampire Dee<33 She looks so much younger than her age<33

  3. I’m so excited on her kiss with minho..they really look good together!

  4. I’m a hardcore shipper of Dara and ****** but I really don’t mind her kissing with the Shinee boys… I even feel giddy about it…^^ specially her kiss with Minho…

  5. ohdara, thanks for tirelessly sharing the all-about-dara and of corz, 2ne1. i’m almost sure the series of articles on etude’s kiss note contributed to the 13M hits–congratulations! btw, i really like the layout of this site. it really looks…nice (sorry, can’t think of a more appropriate word). the colors, the format, the text are good to the eyes. thank goodness, it’s not cluttered by ads.

    i remember dara mentioning in her me2day earlier (january?) that she wanted to be in a rom-com. she must have been hinting about this then. and all the while many of us were thinking of a real tv drama. but the way etude is promoting this–well, they did say they were going the non-traditional approach–one would think they weren’t promoting a cosmetic product, but a movie or a tv series instead…i wonder if yg somehow influenced it, considering how differently they’re promoting bb’s comeback… but it’s good for international fans since we can easily access youtube, facebook, twitter…anyway, we’re all luving it, and it’s just a teaser–or should i say a trailer? i really like dara’s expressions here, not the usual aegyo stuff. her face, as she leans for the (minho) kiss…luv it. that’s why i’m hoping she’d appear in a drama soon. isn’t minho starring in a tv series now? dara could be a guest for a few episodes as minho’s ex or one who momentarily shakes his relationship with the lead girl. but her character should retain the innocence she exudes in kiss note.

  6. i wanna tell gdragon it’s ok if he doesn’t do in-house dating,coz dara can date her fanboys from SM and JYP!

  7. amainekochan said:

    I don’t think it’s a real kiss w/Minho but accck! so looking forward to their CF. Mindara. Taemindara. Jongdara…

  8. No!!!!! Stay away from my Dara’s lips. It has to be saved for that person

  9. i can’t wait to see the full cf!!! minho and dara’s part is soooooo sweet!!! lucky dara and vise versa! how i wish i’m dara, for to kiss minho!!! hehehe <333

  10. omg!!!!..dara and minho part lok like a real kiss,,so sweet,,even minho younger than dara but look a same age..:)))

  11. SHINee boys are so lucky, they can kiss Goddess D.. kekekeke


  13. congratulations! ❤ 13m hits! =)

    thanks for the caps/gifs… dara looks so young and fresh ❤

  14. Woah!!! Her kiss with Minho!!!! :””””>

  15. cydellianne said:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! is her kiss with Minho real???is it??? I can’t stop smiling…I got butterflies….Oh My GOD!!!! so can’t wait for this…^^so like all the kisses…favorite one though is the one with Minho…^^

  16. Sandarasaranghae said:


  17. this cf is my favorite!

  18. I can’t wait too ^^ so sweet

  19. OMG!!! I can’t wait!! 🙂

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