Warning to fangirls and fanboys: Be prepared to die a million deaths.

I can’t process this RN. My brain died. ALSFHELSGHSLGKJSRLGKJSRPGJPhLSGV!!!

Watch for yourselves! ^^

Sandara and SHINee Kiss Notge! Etude’s Romance, Fantasy Web Drama Teaser Revealed~

Video Description: A big surprise! Write a name in the Kiss Note, and that person would be kissing you???
A 2012 hit, Etude’s romantic, fantasy webdrama!
Starring Sandara and SHINee, Kiss Note is going to be revealed on YouTube on March 1!
Wanna Be Sweet? PLAY ETUDE!


Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Did that just happen?!  OH MY GAWD, WHAT IS LIFE?! T.T

And oh, that sound you’re hearing? It’s the sound of fangirls/fanboys’ hearts breaking. XD

Comments on: "Video: Etude’s Kiss Note Shocking Teaser Starring Dara And SHINee!" (41)

  1. Actually among the shinee boys, I was looking forward more to Onew and Dara interactions :))) I just thought he was the most fanboy among them :>

  2. vampire and gorgeous dara, can’t wait for march 1st

  3. I really really love the CF. Dara unnie so cute.
    she looks so young like 16 year old girl.
    Does she even age..? The CF looks so Romantic,
    I swear this is the best CF i have ever seen,
    Onew Oppa please get better and make a Romantic,
    CF with Dara soon. Etude is doing a really great Job. >w<

  4. Omo, Omo, Omo, Kyahhh… >ww<

  5. Dara has KISS NOTE. Thunder has DEATH NOTE.
    So beware SHINee. XD
    LOL!! I’m Loving THIS!!! :))))))))))))))

  6. daragonlove said:

    i’m not onew bias but i wanna see him too…where’s Onew?

  7. omg…… i watch this teaser for almost a 100x… especially where minho and dara’s part shown… AND I CONCLUDE THEY REALLY KISSED…. THERE IS NO CAMERA TRICK.. VERY SWEET…………

  8. OMG! I haven’t watched the video yet(’cause I can’t) but based on the screencaps.. *dies.. Now I really miss Onew! Ahh!! I want Onew with Dara too.. T_T

  9. I like the look in Dara’s eyes during the kiss with minho… It’s soo full of emotion – like full of longing – painful-happiness KISS…

  10. There’s a huge chance that Dara and Minho’s lips really did meet, that’s why Minho said he can’t breathe >. So excited for these!!!

  11. Dara-yah~! why you look so young? :3

    The teaser is just amazing. It teased us a lot.
    I can’t stop hitting the replay button. XD
    I want to watch the full CF. 😀

  12. rainie_lily said:

    watching the first three kisses, i was like ‘awww sweet :)’ …
    and then comes the one with minho O.O i know it’s just a cam trick but i can’t help but to get shocked hehe

    can’t wait for the full ver !!!

    and FOR A DARA DRAMA !!!

  13. MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!…MORE! MORE!..HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!! THANKS OH DARA ADMIN!!!..^^,

  14. Sandarasaranghae said:


  15. Omg that was amazing!!! I hope Dara and Min Ho really did kiss!!!

  16. every other kiss was sweet and chaste…and then Minho sweeps in for the big one! lol. that was…ummm…hot, though i don’t ship them. shinee boys are gonna have some haters for this. both girls and boys who adore Dara. haha. eeeeek!!! can’t wait, hurry March 1st!!!

  17. omo die this is so cute i think minho and dara kiss for real,,, >< can not weait for the full cf

  18. desiweelovesapples said:

    My brain’s malfunctioning… And i have a test today!!! D:

  19. what do u mean by 13 million hits????? subscribers?????

  20. noooooo! why am i not happy with these.. haha. Dara! don’t kiss anyone but G-Dragon, hahaha 🙂

  21. amainekochan said:

    OMG hahah! No wonder some of the boys were acting giddy at the interview. For one Taemin says he was anxious and Jonghyun shy haha! I think she just erned for herself a new set of fanboys. I’m sure of it!

  22. OMO! kinda looks funny when MIndara kiss…..dara”s nose vs minho”s cheek?LOL!
    hoping for this gonna be more sweet and real on full CF!!! cant wait for next week!!!! =)

    • lol! I thought I am the onely one who noticed that… but still they are so cute. I guess if their nose and cheek did not bump to each other, it would be better and sweeter. I love this cf though.


  24. I loved it!!! But I think Etudeblog just edited the teaser cause I swear I saw Minho kissed Dara on the lips..I love Dara & SHInee boys…She looks good with anyone of them..Goddess D fighting!!! ^.^

  25. ut.ktug.khjc,hkb/nm.nvh omg!!I almost got heart attack!!too hot to handle!! It’s like watching a movie trailer<3333 Seriously, i can't wait to see the full CF!!!!Goddess Dee and Shinee boys HWAITING<3333

  26. i♥dara&shinee said:

    .whoaaa… this is tottaly perfect teaser..!
    i got heartattack here!:D
    cant wait cant wait@_@

  27. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I can’t wait to see the CF. Hurry up March 1st!! Sara looks so beautiful!!

  28. O_O ❤

  29. yg should definitely find a way to find time for dara to do a rom-com this year

  30. Dara really has a “kissing” fate with guys name Min Ho. Now, everyone’s gonna want to change their names to Min Ho.^^

  31. MY HEART IS BREAKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Why?!!!!! Dara, just kiss me instead!!!! T_T I’m having mixed feelings over this. But I know that dara is just a professional. THIS IS JUST WORK! Huhuhuhuhu! March 1 don’t come!!!!

  32. you’re soo fast!!! btw, minho and dara’s part looks like a real kiss! 😀

    • agree!!!!!omg..dara and minho part look like a real kiss//,,,but i know dara is just a professional…just for this cf(work)..i cant wait until next week..dara look same age with shinnee ..so sweet..love it..thanks for sharing,,

  33. what day is this!!! fangirling life with schoolwork = MAJOR STRESS! YG special on strong heart, knock down….but THIS! its definitely a TKO!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! <333 im sorry for my weird spazzing…..

  34. I knew it was coming… but I was still in.total.SHOCK! Why is that?! Haha… If this is just the teaser, imagine what will happen next week when the full episodes are shown?!

  35. Omg! I wanna be dara..
    excited for the cf! 🙂

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