SBS Strong Heart is preparing for a YG special.

On the 22nd, a related person from SBS said, “On the 15th March, at Strong Heart, ‘YG special’ where all the singers from YG entertainment will appear will be filmed. The production team are having meetings about various concepts such as Psy being the MC.”

15th March is the date of the last recording of the current MC of Strong Heart, Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi is leaving the show in order to concentrate on his acting and singing activities.

SBS has been generous to YG artists. In 2010, when 2ne1 made a comeback on Inkigayo, for the first time ever, they performed 3 songs. In addition, in February 2011 when Big Bang made a comeback, a program called ‘Big Bang show’ was made. Yang Hyun Suk is also active on SBS Kpop Star at the moment.

Big Bang, who is about to make a comeback in March were invited as guests on ‘Healing Camp’ on the 20th, where they were able to explain about their recent problems and they have also recorded ‘Running Man’.

As if to repay SBS, Se7en who has recently come out with a new song, and Big Bang, have released their MVs firstly on Strong Heart. Because of the relationship of SBS and YG, many are curious how this Strong Heart YG special will be like.

However, because the last recording date for Lee Seung Gi was decided quite suddenly, it is possible that the schedule of the YG special might be changed.


According to additional information, the filming will be on March 15 while it will be aired on April 3! Are we all excited? Big Bang’s attendance is confirmed while it is still unclear whether 2NE1, YG, Se7en and the others will.

Because of such news, YG Special trended on twitter, worldwide!

Comments on: "News: Strong Heart to Air a “YG Special”" (6)

  1. daragonlove said:

    2NE1 MUST attend this YG special…it’s gonna be super fan if all the singers of YG will be there…It’s YG special after all….

  2. Woaaaahhh it’s gonna be fun to watch!!!!!

  3. OMG!! I hope this happens!! I am so watching if it does!!

  4. Sandarasaranghae said:

    I swear this would be a dream come true! I really hope YG family will have an appearance. Including Papa YG himself! Teddy too please! Keke kyaaaa!

  5. omfg!! really??!!?! so excited…spazz,spazz,spazz!!!!!!!!:))))

  6. oh shocks.. kyahh.. kekeke~ i’m so excited, can’t wait for this…i hope that in the strong heart there will be a shocking and explosive revelations

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